Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sat March 31 todays temp. Hi 82 Lo 63 and we are in a big T-storm now with rain coming down like crazy

 I was out walking around the place today and thought I would show you what is here.  We are in Florida for those of you just tuning in.  We came in Nov, 2011.  We have been spending most of our time between two TT parks.  This is the Clermont one.  This park is very close to Disney World and the other big named parks.  There are about 800 rv sights here and during the peak season which is now all sights are filled.  They have many activities.  Some member generated and others the park management does.  Member generated would be card games, games, outdoor spotting activities things like that.  Management activities, BBQ on special days, entertainment (musical and shows)  These are every weekend both Fri and Sat nights.  It is a happening place.  That said when the season is over these activities will stop or at least slow down greatly. 
 Shuffle board court with miniature golf in the background
Family pool and spa with showers and changing areas
 Adult pool with exercise room
 pickle ball court with players.  I am taking these pics in the am so we do the more active play in the cool and play water volley ball in the afternoon heat
 rec hall where all the shows are held along with a small cafeteria, reading room, wifi station, mail pick-up ,card and board game playing and a small store
 Rog has been busy making a few things for the place.  Here you see our new flag stand.  He just made this today.  It has solar lights (go green).  We will see how they work out tonight The next project  was a clothes rack for me.
 We have learned when out and about that about half the time you need to park in places where the sun shines on the right side of the coach and the sun  hinders your fun.  So we purchased this side shade and we can stay out longer
 This is me with my new picture taking outfit.  walking sticks with straps so I can drop them to take a pic.  A harness strap to hold the camera in place while I walk and ...
 a case to hold the lens I am not using , but of course must have with me.  It is neat because it expands so that it can hold the lens on the camera while I reach in to retrieve the new lens.  It is working out great for me.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

 Yesterday we went to an amusement park.  I hunt around on Groupon and find deals. One of the deals was this park for half price for 2 armbands..  Three hour armbands where for all rides in the park. Rog and I went before, but I could not go in the cars at this one because there was a post in the middle between the gas and the brake and for some reason they thought that I would need to brake.  Please, I thought this was racing (LOL).  So they gave me back the Groupon to get a refund or give it to someone else.  Well ,we asked Don and away we went.  They had other rides besides go carts, but Rog was really wanting to race.  They had two long tracks and one short track for racing.
Bumper cars
This is the short track

 Bumper boats with water gun mounted on the front and used by drivers
 The tracks were elevated
 Rog going up one of the elevated tracks
 Go Speed Racer
 Rog and Don went up the tall swing ride and I stayed on the ground to get Don's hat that blew off when they went all the way up and started swinging them around and around.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday we headed out for a morning of kayaking.  It has been a while since we have been out and Rog is relearning how to put on his personal floatation device ( or as most of us know it as a life jacket).  Us older folks need to do this relearning thing a lot.
All set and ready to go.  This is a lake on the resort.  They have their own dock and all.  It is nice.  There was a father and son  fishing off the dock.  It was fun listening to the conversation about how to fish and what the line feels like when you get a strike.  While we were there the boy caught a nice sized fish.  I did not go and find out what kind, but I know they have bass in the lake .
I am thinking this sand hill crane had a nest near by.  She (it) did not want to leave this area
It is spring and the flowers are blooming.  The blue flowers are interesting.  They are some kind of water plant around the lake.
Rog is lazying in his boat.  It was a nice day
Don was out with us too.
This guy came in and landed just off shore.  He was probably there to fish.  It is a snowy egret
funs over.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone

This morning when I woke up this is what I saw.  There were 5 balloons in all. 
We got a call from Laura this morning saying that she was heading to the ATT store to upgrade her service and since we are on her service we were being upgraded too.  So off we went to our ATT store in Florida to get our new phone.  We decided on a smart phone.  This is interesting since I haven't mastered our dumb phone.  What was the problem for me on the other phone was the voice distortion when calls came in.  Well with the smart phone it is so clear.  But after getting the new phone and just know .01% of how to work it I do not know how I got along without it this long. 
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