Thursday, February 28, 2013

This is the generator to the RV.  We use this when we wander into places with no electricity.  It is also wonderful to have after a major storm has ripped out the major power lines to the resort, last year in VirginiaWe have not done that that often, but we do run the generator at least once a month to keep it in good working order.  

In the beginning, our RV was built too low to the ground and we drug our back end a lot.  This caused a lot of damage.  We had some major problems when we hit bottom once and we tore up the bottoms of the back four doors on the compartments and the exhaust pipe on the generator was ripped off.  

We have had the problem fixed and we do not drag any more.  But the generator exhaust pipe has never been fixed.  So Rog decided now was a good time.

This has taken so long because the pipe is an odd size and he had to do some creative thinking to get the job done.  Also it was broken off at the muffler and we got that welded.  He forced a galvanized pipe over the existing exhaust pipe and expoxyed these together. 
   Then it was simply a matter of getting the right lengths of pipe.
And of course it has to look pretty.  Job well done.

"I'm supposed to respect my elders, but it's getting harder and harder for me to find one now," said Rog.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Toilet paper Roll Bunnies... Make these with scrapbook/art paper, googly eyes, fabric button nose and felt.

Start by removing the cinnamon rolls from the package. Place 4 cinnamon rolls on large lightly greased cookie sheet about 3 inches apart. Unroll remaining 4 cinnamon rolls and place on cookie sheet touching one of the coiled cinnamon rolls and folding ends under to create the floppy bunny ears. Pinch the dough to secure the ears to the bunny head.

Firmly press 3 raisins on top of each roll to form the eyes and nose and the almonds for the teeth.

Bake according to package directions.Cool completely, frost and decorate the ears

Use any sort of frozen or homemade bread dough, form your rolls, snip and lift/shape the ears during rising and carve the eyes once baked! 

Your on your own as to how to make this one.  
Spring is coming!!  Yaa!!  Thought I would send out some Easter and St. Patties Day ideas to my peeps.  I thought these were so neat and some are very tasty looking.  

We stayed home and read and walked and read and ate and read and played cards and read and Rog went to the store to get parts to fix the generator exhaust pipeHe has almost got it done now.  One more trip to the store, that's what he is saying now anyway.  I am working on a cross stitch table cloth.  Not sure what I am going to do with it when it is done. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is the Honey Wagon that came to the RV today.

This is how they do it.  They take their hoses and connectors and connect them to our sewer outlet.  

  I think I should teach you a bit about the Honey wagon.  This may be somewhat distasteful but here goes.  "Honey wagon" is a facetious traditional general term for "a wagon or truck for collecting and carrying excrement or manure", such as a cesspool emptier, which serves as a sanitation system including at campground and marinas. The operator connects a hose to the discharge outlet on the recreational vehicle or boat and pumps the waste into the wagon's tank. When the tank is full, the operator should empty the tank at an approved dump station.  The legend behind the name 'honeywagon' is thought to relate to the 'honey-colored' liquid that comes out of it when emptying the holding tanks. EEW

They are now connecting them to our sewer connect.  
Now they start the gas engine and pump all the stuff out of our tanks.  We are now empty and ready to fill them up again.  

We woke up this morning with under a tornado watch.  It has been overcast all day with winds and at times rain.

  We did laundry at the resort laundry room.  You can use credit cards to pay for your washer and dryers here.  It is a very interesting way of doing it.  You can also set it up on your smart phone to get a text when your wash is done.  We usually use the washer/dryer in the RV, but with no sewer hook-up we went public with the wash.  

We also decided since we were washing the dogs needed to be clean too.  They were not all that thrilled about it though.   So we are all clean and ready for the week.  LOL

 To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

This is Isabella, one of my wonderful granddaughters on her 11th birthday.  She is all dressed up ready to go to a father/daughter dance at her school.  I was told it was a magical night.  Great that dad got home in time to take is daughter.

 The Girl Scout on the far right is one of my other wonderful granddaughters, Samantha.  She was asked by the Girl Scout Counsel to testify at the Senate Education Committee at the capital in Phoenix.  What a great honor for the girls.  My understanding is that they all did a great job.  

The Girl Scout in blue is one of my other wonderful granddaughters, Juliet.  She is helping deliver cookies to the members of her scout group.  They sell hundreds and hundreds of cookies this time of year.  Go girls.  Juliet was adopted last July.  It is so great to have her in the family.  She is so sweet.

We stayed home and lazyed around.  We are going to have the tanks dumped tomorrow.  They are going to come to us and I will have pix for you all to see how that goes.  I am hoping it is nothing like the movie RV.  LOL

 You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

school app

Sorry about no blog.  We were having a great time with friends.  They came out to visit us for the day and I had a great time.  

I guess I had too much of a great time because I could not bring myself to the computer to type the blog.  We visited, played dominoes ( I did not win by the way) and ate.  

In fact this whole day was useless.  At the start of the Daytona 500 I took a long nap.  And know what, it was still going when I woke up.  That racing stuff is just too long.  Then you have all the after race c**p.  My man is happy and that is all that counts.? 

Got a call from Laura in Denver, Co. and it is 20 degrees and snowing there.  We are here for a reason.  It is 80 degree out now and it is 6:30 PM.  We have been running the air conditioners since this morning.  I am tired of hearing the noise.  But better than snow.

There is really nothing new to add to the blog.   

I found a couple of cartoons for my teacher peeps to enjoy.  


Friday, February 22, 2013

pig cake

Happy as a Pig in Mud Cake!!! Fondant icing for the pigs, any kind of cake in 2-9 in round cake pans, icing around cake to hold KitKats in place. Top the cake with melted chocolate icing then place your fondant pigs in the melted icing!!!! Perfect for a Farm themed party!!!! #Beyond Cute.

Today is my granddaughter's 11th Birthday today!!  Birthday wishes to you Bella!

I have included this cake and instructions so the one that is in charge of my birthday cake now knows what I want this year.  It is so cute.

We stayed home and set up the outside stuff for our home site.  We went to Giovanni's Restaurant for dinner.  I love that place and will miss it when we leave Florida.  We then went to Wal Mart and did a bit of shopping for food stuff.  

The park is full in the full hook-up section.  There are many sites open down here where we are.  

Our daughter told us about this neat app.  It is call 4 pics 1 word.  I am now officially addicted.  It is fun peeps.

I found the next item on the news on line and thought it was interesting and quite inventive and eye catching for a job application.  I included it for those of you that my find themselves in the position of having to look for a job. This could be added to the must use applications. 
 (Courtesy: Nick Begley)

For any job searcher, there is nothing quite as sweet as landing a job in a tough economy.
For one specific job searcher, Nick Begley, of New York, the sweetness was in how he landed the job.
 Begley, 32, used the label of a candy bar to sell himself to potential employers, crafting his resume onto a "Resume Bar."
Using the tagline, "Credentials that will satisfy any organization's appetite," Begley sold himself on the bar as an "experienced marketing professional" with a serving size of "1 career." Instead of calories the bar listed his education level, MBA, and instead of vitamin counts, the bar's label touted Begley's 110% work ethic, 100% communication and 100% versatility, among others.
Begley created 12 of the bars after he completed his MBA at the University of Central Florida in 2009 and was searching for jobs in New York. His unique take on the job search got a second life this week when his friend, Eli Langer, posted a photo of the bar on Reddit, where it has received more than 3,000 comments.
"People are either going to love or hate it," Begley told today. "My focus was to find an organization that would embrace it because if they weren't open to that kind of out-of-the-box thinking, that wouldn't be a company that I would fit in well with anyways."
Begley had already found an organization, the Orlando Magic basketball franchise, that embraced his creativity while in graduate school. The team hired him for a summer internship after receiving a "ResumeBar," which gave Begley all the confidence he needed to try it again.
The sweet approach worked a second time in 2009 as Begley landed a marketing job less than three months after he began his job search, with LeagueApps, a platform that connects adult recreational athletes.
Begley, who also once had his resume delivered along with a pizza, says his brother, Jeremy, designed the label for him and he had it printed at Kinko's. He put the label atop a standard Nestle Crunch bar, making his resume not-so-ordinary for less than $2.50 per bar, he estimates.
"Of course," Begley said when asked if it was worth it. "It was creative and put me ahead [with potential employers] as far as understanding that I was willing to go the extra mile."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well we have landed, planted our feet, and  spread our wings to stay awhile.  I took a nice nap and I think my body has recouped from the joys of waiting for our RV repairs.  Before we headed to the RV repair place we left a few things here at the site.  One of those things was my beautiful tulips that Rog got me for Valentines Day.  Well we are thinking that Steve, the squirrel, ate the flowers off and now enjoying the green stuff. 

We went to the Lazy Dazy RV sales, service, and resort.  It is a very impressive place.  We did not venture into the resort part, but the other is nice.  The people were great.  They were very busy, so keeping you in the loop on the happenings of your RV all the time was a bit lacking, but all in all good.  Their facilities were great.  The main waiting room was big, well furnished, and was pet friendly.  Not all of the pets were though.  LOL  But all in all everyone kept their animals in line.   If you did not have a dog and wanted to be in less of a crowd they had comfy groupings for you throughout the facility.  Off of the reception area is a large fountain with quite the plantings.  They also had a large lunch room where you could get coffee and tea all of the time.  They served breakfast and lunch.  If you stay in the resort you could have free meals there.  The meals were OK, but nothing to write home about.  

These were the planter boxes they had out front.  They had three of these "parked there".  They are metal and are so cute. 

 They also sold RV's there too.  I was so impressed with the way they presented them.  They had them set up in sections, say toy hauler here, travel trailer there.  As you walked around the place was landscaped with trees, bushes and flowers and did not have the appearance of a RV sales lot at all.  One area with motor homes had them set up like they were in a fancy resort.  They had them parked in sites like they were in the resort.  Some sites had picnic tables.  

We met some nice people there and exchanged many stories of travel.  We had a great time with David, Micheal, and Sandy.  Nothing against David or Micheal, but Sandy was the so sweet.  She was half my size and her tail was as big around as my arm.  Well maybe not that big around, but she was big.  Loved her.   We were able to leave, but they were spending at least one more night there.  Not Micheal because he has to work this weekend.  

I am just kicking myself for not taking pix of this place and Sandy, but I did get a few of a cute travel trailer with a front end kitchen!!! 


I loved this saying.  I must get it a sign made for our car.

Front kitchen

This pic shows the TV lowered for viewing.  It is above the sink.

You are now looking at the bedroom, dining room, and living room.  Not much in the way of closet space.
This is another little one close by.  This has the kitchen in the back and only a bedroom.  There is no room for sitting inside at all.  

We had what they called their diamond service package.  This alone took the guy 6 hours to check all the things on the list.  We were sure this would add more to the estimated cost, but not so much.  We also had the calipers changed on a recall.  Just this took one day to do Man am I glad that someone else was paying this bill because that cost a pretty penny.  

 Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We are back at the Peace River Resort.  They got the work all done, but it was late.  It took us a couple of hours to get to the park.  I did not sleep all that well in bay 78 so I am tired.  So I will close with this short story and write about our experiences there tomorrow.

I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

new home

We had an appointment to get the RV worked in this morning.  We woke up later than we had set the alarm for, well after looking at the clock we woke up early because it was set for 6:30 PM and we really needed to get up in the morning.  We got here a couple of minutes late, but all was well.

We are at the Lazy Daz RV place to get work done on the house (RV).  We had our estimation for the cost of work done which came in over $1,000 and then came the "we also found"  stuff list that needs to be done.  Well the first thing they found was a recall on the brakes.  This being a recall makes this item on Freight-liner's dime.  We are also having a 50,000 mile check up, the yearly check up, and other stuff done before our long trip up North.  

We got here at 9ish and at 11:00 we were told they could not finish the work and that we would be staying here for the night .  They got the brake stuff done, I think. and moved the rig.  So we got to go into our home at 5:30.  We are staying in bay 78 with water and electricity.  We must be up and out by 7:30 for them to get back to work on the other stuff.  We are not sure if we are spending another night here or not.  After talking with peeps also waiting for rig to be worked on and we are finding out they are not noted for speed here. 

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.

Monday, February 18, 2013

We got up late this morning because we had a kind of bad night.  The temperature got down to freezing and we lost our power.  I need my heated mattress pad!!!!  Come to find out 30 of us lost power.  A park breaker popped.  I guess we were all using our electric heaters at once.

Our trip here Rog towed the kayak trailer and I drove the car.  It was a nice quiet trip until we arrived at the entrance to the park.  Those poor people involved in the accident.  


This is the entrance to the rv park.   There was one lane for us to come into the park.  The police had two lanes of traffic on the main road blocked and we had to go into the left turn lane or U turn lane to get around the accident.  The left side and back end of the RV was very badly damaged too, but you can not see at this angle.  I did not get many pix because we were trying to check in and get our rig out of the way of other incoming RVs

This park has about 400 spaces and about 200 of them our full hookups.  The others have electric and water only.  When you come into this park during peak season there is a special "RV dance" that you must go through in order to get a full hookup site.  First you check in, find a temporary place in the electric water sites (over flow site) to park your rig, and your name is placed on a lottery.  All the available sewer sites for that day are listed on the board by noon.  At that time you make a list of the sites, go look at them and then at 1:00 each day the sewer sites are picked.  The names are read from the list in the order they arrived in the park.  When your name is called you select from the remaining sites that are available on the board.   
We are heading out early in the morning to take the RV in for a 50,000 mile checkup, wheels alined, and Rog is tried of looking at that sticker covering the ABS light on the dash lol.   We are deciding if we even want to get in the lottery for a sewer site or not.  We my just stay down here and dump the tanks

We also got an "important notification"  Our water system was recently outside of drinking water standards.  Although this is not an emergency.  "We routinely monitor for the presence of drinking water contaminants.  On Jan. 11, 2013, we received a notice that as of the sample collected on Nov. 2012 our system exceeds the standard, or maxinum contaminant level (MCL) for Combined Radium-226 & 228.  The standard for the contaminant is 5 pCi/L.  Our average level of the contaminant over the last year has been 5.1 pCi/L. "  What to do, well what we got out of it is hold your nose and drink.  LOL  Not anything can be done my use to get rid of it. 

 Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.


Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is our beautiful granddaughter, Samantha.   I took this pic off her mother's facebook page.

We had a very cold night last night.  The low was 33.  After a late night I did not get up until 9 ish and the temperature then was 39.  We finally got up to 58 degrees, but it dropped fast when the sun went down.  We are to have another cold night then we are back to normal, highs 80's and lows in the 60's.  I'm getting use the normal.  

We stayed home again.  We are getting packed up to leave for a new location down south.  We will stay there two weeks.  Rog decided to pack up the water hoses because they are very hard to wind up when they will not bend because of the cold.  

I marinated a chicken breast in Italian dressing, dipped it in Panko, and fried it.  It was quite good.  I will do this again.  We also had rice, green beans, and Cara Cara oranges as a salad.  I am chopping  up Cilantro  and putting it in my rice now.  It really is a great fresh taste. 

Laura sent (finally) her wonderful soup recipes. Thanks I will get all set up at our next stop and cook some different kinds of soups there.      

 We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.  Some of us anyway


Saturday, February 16, 2013

It is very late!

We went to our Valentines Day dinner and had a wonderful time.  I was given a long stemmed red rose.  We were served soup; creamy veggie, salad, main dish; tenderloin, cheesy mash potatoes, asparagus with sauce, dessert: chocolate cake with sauce, all of soft drinks you wanted and two glasses of wine.  The meal was great.

We were treated to a variety show with singing, dancing, comedy and fun.  We had a great time! would do it again in a heart beat.

We took pix with the cell phone and now I have to figure out how to down load them at midnight,  not sure if that is going to happen, but will try.  Well I tried and I thought I had them down loaded but I can not find them anywhere in my computer folders.  I knew it was just to easy, something had to be wrong.

Well anyway the food was great the show was great and we had a great time.

The End

 Paraprosdokians (Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected, frequently humorous. Enjoy!
 I got these by email from a friend, who will remain nameless Michelle.  I will be adding them to the blog from time to time because I like Winston Churchill love them.  LOL

  Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Friday, February 15, 2013

My flowers are opening up more and more.  

 They are so beautiful.   It was very over cast and almost raining all day.  It did get up to 69 for a high.  Tomorrow we are suppose to have a freeze warning here and not too far north they are suppose to have a hard freeze.  It is amazing how those cold fronts can change your life in a hurry.  

We were going to the NACAR race tomorrow evening, but we decided a while back to cancel.  We are glad we did because with the freeze warning it would be mighty cold out there sitting on the bleachers watching car go round.  We are going out to dinner and a show instead.  I will be late with the blog tomorrow but will have fun things to report.

 Paraprosdokians (Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected, frequently humorous. Enjoy!
 I got these by email from a friend, who will remain nameless Michelle.  I will be adding them to the blog from time to time because I like Winston Churchill love them.  LOL
 The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it's still on my list.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Rog brought this flower pot yesterday while he was out.  At that time none of the tulips were open and as if on cue this Valentines  Day morning they started to open.   As the day has progressed they too have progressively opened more and more.  What a great surprise!  Thank you Honey.  

Here's wishing each of you a great Valentines Day.

The weather has changed a lot.  We are now under over cast skies and we are getting a little drizzle.  They say they really need the rain here.  I can not say one way or the other because I don't know how much water you need with sandy soil, really just sand.  Things are still green here.  The temperature is in the mid 60's which is also nice for a change.  I guess we will have this for 2 or 3 days then back to the normal 70's and 80's.

I have a trip to the Crystal River for another manatee snorkel trip in March.  This time I will take both cameras.  The one I use all the time and the underwater one.  Hope I can get some great pix of those guys with us guys.   

 Paraprosdokians (Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected, frequently humorous. Enjoy!
 I got these by email from a friend, who will remain nameless Michelle.  I will be adding them to the blog from time to time because I like Winston Churchill love them.  LOL

Where there's a will, I want to be in it.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We stayed close to home again.  I worked on needle work and reading.  Rog went shopping and brought me a Valentine Day flower, in a pot, of course.  Thank you!!!

I went on Facebook and found this wonderful pic of my Grandson in uniform.  He is in JROTC at his school.  I love a man in uniform.  Way to go Drew Man. 

I was off to Bingo and won $150 this time.    It was fun and I won, can't get much better than that. 

We are experiencing a bit of a change in the weather here.  We broke records for the high of 88 with clouds, which means high humidity.  Then in a matter of minutes a cold front went through.  It rained, a lot at times and the ttemperature dropped 20 degrees and is still falling.  Sunday they say that the high should be 59.  Quite of difference.  None of this lasts very long because soon it will be in the high 70's and sunny. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Co steve

You people in Colorado take care of Steve.

We stayed home today and did well, nothing much.

I made soup.  I am loving homemade soup now.

We went to the pool and hung out for a while.

We got new neighborsI know that happens all the time.  They set up and then took off to take care of stuff I guess.  While Rog was out fixing his chair he noticed water coming out all over  the RV.  So he headed over and turned off the water.  When they came home Rog went over and asked if they needed help.  He took over our wet and vac to help them out.  When they got done with the wet and vac and brought it back with a thank you and a thank you card.  When we got home I opened the card up and there was $50.  NoI took it back and told them Rog did not do this for the money and we are all here to look out for each other.  Come on all he did was walk over and turn the water off.  I told them to pass it forward is all we wanted.   


Monday, February 11, 2013

That's one way of looking at it.

We stayed close to the resort and did resort things today.

We got our mail today.  For those of you who do not know we are full time RVers.  In order to have our mail taken care of we have a mail box service.  Our mail is sent there and they take care of it until we go on line and order it to go where ever we are.  They will send it how ever we want, airmail, 3 day or the slow boat to wherever.  We have ever done the slow boat one. 

 Well the mail came.  We got some important camping news and some family letters, yes we do still have those that have not gotten into the email times and have to use snail mail.  It was great hearings from them and all their exciting news.  

Rog's parents and aunt and uncle RVed most of their lives.  Rog's parent settled down in one place after health issues took over.  But Rog's aunt and uncle are still going strong.  Their kids had a family meeting and wished they would get rid of the RV and not travel the roads any more.  His uncle is 88 and I am not sure, but I think his aunt is older.  Well they traded their RV in for the train and buses.  They are still traveling all over the country.  They were at the National Parks Convention of the National Parks Travel Club.  They had Smokey the Bear bring in a large serving cart with a huge cake and sang Happy Birthday to celebrated his 88th birthday.  Ray said it was the biggest birthday cake he has ever had.  It served 150.    He was also honored there with a plaque for having visited  390 (I understand there are 394 in all) sites administered by the National Parks System.  Way to go Ray!!! 

We also recieved our 1099's or whatever they are called now.  So Rog is working on just how much we owe the government in taxes.  It would not frost me so much to pay if they were spending it frugally.  This is a wonderful country and I gladly give even twice as much as I pay, but take care of things people as if it is your money.  Well enough said they do think it is their money to spend for the good of them not for the good of the nation.  

I also found a cross stitch table cloth I have had for years.  It is oh a quarter done so I thought I would try working on it.  I use to do that kind of stuff all the time.  It definitely uses different muscles in my hands than knitting does.  


This is for my math teacher daughter.  LOL