Tuesday, February 19, 2013

new home

We had an appointment to get the RV worked in this morning.  We woke up later than we had set the alarm for, well after looking at the clock we woke up early because it was set for 6:30 PM and we really needed to get up in the morning.  We got here a couple of minutes late, but all was well.

We are at the Lazy Daz RV place to get work done on the house (RV).  We had our estimation for the cost of work done which came in over $1,000 and then came the "we also found"  stuff list that needs to be done.  Well the first thing they found was a recall on the brakes.  This being a recall makes this item on Freight-liner's dime.  We are also having a 50,000 mile check up, the yearly check up, and other stuff done before our long trip up North.  

We got here at 9ish and at 11:00 we were told they could not finish the work and that we would be staying here for the night .  They got the brake stuff done, I think. and moved the rig.  So we got to go into our home at 5:30.  We are staying in bay 78 with water and electricity.  We must be up and out by 7:30 for them to get back to work on the other stuff.  We are not sure if we are spending another night here or not.  After talking with peeps also waiting for rig to be worked on and we are finding out they are not noted for speed here. 

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