Monday, February 4, 2013

bucket list

I am hoping it is mine.

3 Days Until Tom is Home!!!!!!

His stuff is all packed ready for Uncle Sam to send it home.  He is ready ready ready.  

We move to a new location.  Clermont, Florida, near Disney World.  The park is packed.  We had the choice of 9 spots to call home.  I am liking ours.  It backs against the woods and is a very large site.  We have most everything set up.  Rog needs to head to the hardware store to purchase stuff to fix the smaller awning in the front of the rig.  When that is fixed I can finish decorating our home.  

I had mentioned in a previous blog that Lake County, where we are now, is a dry county.  I meant that not in the usual sense that they do not allow alcohol, because believe me they do.  I meant it in that there is no water, I guess, because we must conserve it here and not other counties really close by.  I mention this because we can not wash our rig or cars here at the park or for that matter anywhere in the county unless the company recycles the water.   

We had an uneventful trip here, which are the kind we like.  We also made good time and hardly any traffic.

           Face those babies and things will be great.

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