Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prince Charming / new location

Out from under our rig appears this frog. Could it be a prince!  If only someone would give him a kiss. LOL  I know it is not my prince charming because I have mine already.  So I left him to be found by another young lady. 

The last things we pack up when leaving a place are the blocks we place under the jacks and the utility lines; electric, water, and sewer.  Well we must have disturbed this guy from his home because he came out from under the rig.   I do not know if he is the kind of frog that sings most of the night here. 
 We had only 77 miles to travel today.  What a really easy ride.  We started out getting propane for the rig and also filled our little propane tanks for the Bar-be-que.  We had to wait around for the propane guy to show up even though we made an appointment ahead of time.  Even with this delay we were able to get into the resort around lunch times. 

 This is our new site.  We have never been to this resort before.  It is a Coast to Coast Resort.  That is another type of plan that we can use with little expense.  We use them when we do not have a Thousand Trails Resort close by.   We can only stay here a week. 
 Each site has its own raised wooden deck  with benches and a picnic table.  I will get better pics to show the benches in the next blog.  We also put our lights up and they are not in this pic. 

We will see if we can get pics of the resort and put them up later. 

Tomorrow we are meeting the cousins in Blowing Rock for lunch.  I am looking forward to that visit. 

It was great to see Les and Michelle again.  Les took me out to get my winning lottery tickets.  So there maybe a delay in the blog while I am out celebrating and spending some of my winnings. 

As you can see we do get internet here "so the blog goes on".
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Monday, July 30, 2012

cartoons/packing up

I love these cartoons.  These are especially for my wine drinking buds. LOL

  I got these gems on a friend's face book page. 

We have seen a few spots like this on the road and wondered too, but I must admit we never have looked this close.

We are all packed up.  We do need to unhook electric and water, which is always done the morning of the trip.  We do have to pack up the inside.  Yes, we have stuff sitting around on tables and the floor and that is not good for very long in a moving rv.  You also must secure cupboards, cabinets and draws.  

When we load all the stuff is also when we think about getting rid of some of it.  The biggie would be the kayaks.  They are so big and the stuff that goes with.  But we still enjoy doing it and we have a few more states to kayak in.   So we figure we have a few more years to go. 

We are going to meet up with Don and our friends at the new location.  My cousins will also be up in the mountains,  They are renting a cabin for a week.  It will be great to see all again. 

Our new place is located in the mountains of North Carolina.  We are hoping for cooler temps.  We are  also not sure how strong the Internet signal will be there.  That said it means the blog my not be for a while. 

The new washer/drier vent passed the "rain storm" today.  Rog sprayed with a hose and all was fine.  Of course the rain storm would have been a bit longer, but we shall see.  We are hoping it will pass a real one now. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day at home

Not has hot or as humid today.   Great!!!  

We are getting more things packed in the car.

Rog got the new washer/drier vent put in today.  We are hoping that this will stop the water leak we are having.  He is going to spray it with the hose tomorrow to find out if it worked.  He wants to wait and let stuff set up before the test "rain storm" happens.  

We are both looking forward to new digs.  It seems three weeks and we are ready to move on.  Must be Thousand Trails has us well trained, beings we can only stay three weeks at a time in the resorts anyway.   

I have been knitting a sweater for Laura.  She brought me a new pattern to work on.  I love working on patterns that start from the top of the sweater and work down to the bottom.  When you start at the top you knit the sleeves into the body as one piece.  I hate sewing sleeves in. It is a neat pattern and would be great fun to knit, but you need to be able to count and count correctly consistently. LOL When you mess up on the pattern count you must rip all the way to the mistake and redo.  I hate when that happens. But it is a pretty pattern.  It is lacy and has a cable running through it.  The pattern panel goes down the center of each sleeve and on each edge of the front panels.  I will take a pic of it after I complete it. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

more at home

We stayed home again.  

We are slowly, ever so slowly, getting things ready and packed up for our next move.  

One of these days we will decide to get rid of  things, but now we just can't live without it.  So we unpack, repack, move around, and shuffle from here to there.  LOL

We cleaned out the car.  Put all the seats down and started to pack it up.  We took the kayaks off the racks on the trailer and disassembled the trailer and put in the back of the car.   This part of the pack up has to happen first because the frame and tongue of the trailer is on the bottom.  We put other things in too.  We also emptied the tent.  We have the tent so we have a place to put all the stuff from the car.  Are you beginning to see that we have too much stuff?  

Well it has been quite moist here and the outside and inside of the tent was wet.  Yes, some things that were inside the tent were wet too, but not that bad really.  We took them out, wiped them down and put them in the sun to dry.  Yea right, in 85% humanity, get dry.  But, after time they did dry.  So all the tent stuff is packed away now. 

We decided to go out to eat tonight.  The Barbecue place that is real close, Tar Heel Q has been closed up until a couple of days ago.  The times we been out and driven by they have been very busy, so we decided to check them out.  It is good.  But we both are ready to leave the Carolina Barbecue behind and try something new.  We are not liking the vinegar base barbecue.  

I also cut Rog's hair.  It is interesting that he is wearing his hat a lot more now.hummmmm

More packing tomorrow.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot and Muggy Stayed Home

We decided to stay home and rest up and stay cool.  It is in the 90's temp wise and 97% humidity.  In real temperature that would equate to around 107 degrees, according to the weather peeps.  Just to let you know that is really uncomfy.

We did do some cleaning, well a lot of cleaning inside where both of our air conditioners are working overtime.  It really does not take long to clean this little place. LOL

 Rog measured in the bedroom for flooring.  We are finally going to take out the carpet and put in laminate flooring.  I say finally because I asked about it months ago when the floor got all wet, sopping wet and the mild dew set in and the smell is not good.  I say soon, but he just purchased the flooring today and is "planning" on putting it in "soon". Those are words that have different meanings to each of us.  So I will let you know when "soon" is, later. It will be great to get the smelly carpet out.

We do still have a leak, but we think it is the vent for the washer/drier.  We have purchased a replacement which is hooded.  We are hoping this well solve our problem.  Hoping to get that in "soon" too.

I got a new magazine on cooking for two.  I tried a chicken pot pie recipe.  It was really good. While Laura was here she cooked the over top lasagna.  We really liked it too.  I might put these on the blog some day. 

We just enjoyed a big thunderstorm.  We haven't had one in a couple of days and it was nice, not to have them.  

It is my grandson Andrew's birthday today. 
                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY KID

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Duck Ride/Boone Cave

We took a trip to the park. The spot for family fun, this 425-acre park is located 8 miles southeast of Salisbury North Carolina.. We were very impressed and surprised at what we encountered here.  We missed the bear feeding.
  The first thing we did was take a spin around the lake.  We had to take a duck ride!!! They were paddle boats.  We could have taken a plain boring one, like the ones behind us here.  We had a choice of  a pelican, dragon, swan, or my favorite a "little yellow ducky".

Some of the others
What a handsome head.
Here you can examine the way the boat is powered.  Also the small hole!!! in my boat.   While we were out on the lake the conversation some how twisted around to me being on the lake by myself and Rog came up with his quote of the day " I would be a sitting duck"  because I can not paddle.  LOL Rog.
The real thing
After we (well Rog) were done paddling around the lake we took another road in the park that led us to a wonderful area.  This board details what awaits you on the other side of the fence.
The first thing we noticed and heard was this carousel.  It is called the Haden's Carousal.  The pics below are the animals on this ride.
You must come enjoy the music, lights and magic of this beautiful carousel! "Haden's Carousel" was given to Dan Nicholas Park in memory of Haden Holmes Hurley (1936-96) by his wife Jennifer and brothers Jim and Gordon. The Hurley family published the Post from 1912-97.

  The Hurley Train Station is one of the most popular attractions of the Park! Come ride the Spencer Moose Special, Stanback Express or the F&M Bank Express.The train ride went around the park. In this pic it is just about to enter a covered tunnel with neat things inside to see.
They had big bees
and  this beautiful butterfly.  Viewing this guy from the underside was as pretty as the view from the top.
Farmer Rog with his faceless animals.  They also have a petting zoo.  

Boone Cave

 Legend says that Daniel Boone was only 16 when
his family settled on the banks of the Yadkin River in the
spring of 1750. The park includes a picnic area, several
hiking trails, a 1700's style cabin, and a small cave thought to be Daniel Boone's hideout.  The newest additions to the park is a canoe and kayak trail that descends about 1400 feet down to the Yadkin River
The cave I saw is located up the slope a short distance from the river. The space inside is quite small, perhaps the size of a very large closet with a cone shaped (large at the front, narrowing at the end) tunnel, 8 or 9 feet long, off to the left.
According to stories passed down, the Boone family briefly lived in one of the caves while they constructed their cabin. Another legend has it that Daniel hid in the river cave from a Cherokee hunting party once—one warrior being so determined that he tried to wait Boone out as he was escaping through a small passage to the other side of the hill.
This is called Baptism Rock.
The trail that one would usually take to the caves was in disrepair so we had to take the kayak trail.  It was way longer and still quite steep in places.  Not a bad hike going down, but there is always the trip back up.  It was oh about 85 out, but the killer was the 97 percent humidity.  I almost died getting back to the car. 
The plaque going into the park or in this case when we are leaving the park.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Laura goes home/North Carolina Capitlal Building

We got up and out just in time to greet the sun.  It is time for Laura to go back home.  We had a wonderful visit and went many places and did some girl things.
We pushed her out the car door and slammed it shut and waved good-bye.  LOL She is entering the doors of the Raleigh-Durham airport for her fight home.  She was way early for her flight, but she wanted to make sure she was there in plenty of time.  The drive from the rv park to the airport was around 100 miles and it was rush hour traffic.  No traffic which was great, but got us there early.
We headed to downtown Raleigh to see the capital building.  This the the natural science building with the big globe out front.  I saw this building on a tv news cast just recently.  It is very impressive.
This is a statue in front of the capital building.
The next three pics are of the capital building.  They say it is a great example of Greek revival.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pegg House Tea Room for High Tea

Laura and I headed to Winston/Salem, North Carolina to have high tea at this beautiful old house.
The tea room was on the bottom floor,  On the top floor was a construction company office.  The tea room is open Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 to 3:00.  It is a really neat idea. 
Laura at the front door.

This is an out build out back.  It is a nice look with the rest of the house and all
Magnolia bud.
Inside.  This is a neat chest with old or old look jewelry that is for sell.
The rooms are named by their color.  We had tea in the gray room. 
Laura's tea cup
  We had a pot of Spring Cherry Green Tea and it was great.
Laura enjoying her tea.

We enjoyed a three tiered  server of wonderful goodies

The bottom tier was sandwiches, quiche, and chicken salad in a small crusted cup.
Top one was the desserts and fruits.  It was a wonderful experience and I recommend it to all.  

Well Laura is leaving us early tomorrow morning.  I will miss her.  We had a great time while she was here and did so many neat things together. 
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