Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day at home

Not has hot or as humid today.   Great!!!  

We are getting more things packed in the car.

Rog got the new washer/drier vent put in today.  We are hoping that this will stop the water leak we are having.  He is going to spray it with the hose tomorrow to find out if it worked.  He wants to wait and let stuff set up before the test "rain storm" happens.  

We are both looking forward to new digs.  It seems three weeks and we are ready to move on.  Must be Thousand Trails has us well trained, beings we can only stay three weeks at a time in the resorts anyway.   

I have been knitting a sweater for Laura.  She brought me a new pattern to work on.  I love working on patterns that start from the top of the sweater and work down to the bottom.  When you start at the top you knit the sleeves into the body as one piece.  I hate sewing sleeves in. It is a neat pattern and would be great fun to knit, but you need to be able to count and count correctly consistently. LOL When you mess up on the pattern count you must rip all the way to the mistake and redo.  I hate when that happens. But it is a pretty pattern.  It is lacy and has a cable running through it.  The pattern panel goes down the center of each sleeve and on each edge of the front panels.  I will take a pic of it after I complete it. 

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