Thursday, May 30, 2013

My motto!

It was hot and very humid!!! to say the least and we did not do much.  I got a hair cut and Rog was out spending money on some such thingy.  

We have one maybe two more days of this heat then a cool down.  The cold down is the front that is going through the middle of the country causing all kinds of problems.  They say we might get a T-storm.

Short blog

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

These are my new Mickey Mouse hands.  No really they are drying gloves.  I got these yesterday at the kitchen store in the mall. 

I thought they would be the perfect things for drying dishes.
They really work good on the cutting board.
plates.  They really fit to the plate and dry it perfectly.
cups I am drying the inside and out at the same time and I can get into all those hard to get places.

Take your fist and dry it all up,

cups and now I am done.  I used them for the first time and just love them.  I do not know if they dry so much better because I can get to those hard to get places or the material they are made of or all of the above.  I love my drying Mickey Mouse hands.  Rog even put them on to just see how it works.  He's that way and then never again.  He thinks.  Les you need to get a pair and we can go on the road.

It was a hot one today after the fog burned off.  

Rog decided to change out the house batteries today.  That was quite a job.  Yes I had to get involved too.  Rog needed me to rest on the ground and help insert the rods from underneath that hold the batteries in place.  Remember we have been having rains and the ground is soaked and there are little puddles everywhere.  He did get be a mat to rest on, but it was also rained soaked, so not so much dry there.  And I wind up resting my head in a puddle of water, dirt and rust.  Talk about coloring your hair.  He wanted to clean up the place for the batteries and all.  So he washed with baking soda, then soap and water, then spray painted the area.  After it dried (?) he started putting it all back together and only had a few extra parts left over.  LOL No there were no extra parts.  He and I sanded the connectors and put some pretty pink Vaseline on them so they would not yuck up as fast.  I am so glad we only have to do this every four years or so.  

I also sanded the wood working stuff I did before.  I will paint them again with clear coat.  That should do it for them. 
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little RV gardening demo:
This is a trowel, yes it really is and I am using it for the first time.  So you are invited on this little journey with me.  I have a herb garden that I carry around with me where ever I go.  Well, Laura has asked that I add some new herbs.


 I have taken it out of it's little case.  You can see the handle folded on top of the shovel part.

   Handle is opened and locked in place.  Really isn't it the cutest thing you ever saw?  It is really very sturdy.

   Digging with cute new trowel in the "garden".
  This is basal that I am planting now.  I have rosemary and oregano in the "garden" already.  They are looking good. 

   There were three families of geese traveling together that came by our rig during a pretty heavy rain shower today.  They did not seem to give a hoot about the weather.  In fact they probably are loving it.  There were  families with three, five and eight babies.  The above pic is the family of eight.


Looking for that very special blade of grass.

He is not quite as fuzzy as this pic, but soooo very cute.

We have had about and inch of rain so far this morning.  You can see the run off here.  It is quite a bit.

"Mom or dad, who can tell, just showed us how to do this."

This is the family of five.  They are older than the others.
They are all wet from the rain and grazing along. 

The weather man said our temp at 6:00 tonight will be 63 and at 11:00 it will be 66.  That is different.  We have always gotten colder the later in the night, but not so.  They say we can look forward to 90's in a couple of days.  We may even have a heat wave.  They said a heat wave is when you have 3 consecutive days of 90 or above.  Can hardly wait for that with humidity in the 80's.
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Monday, May 27, 2013



 We must never forget those that never returned to their homeland.  I have an uncle that is still missing in action from WW II.

We had a great Memorial Day here at the resort.  They had a raising of the flag with a 21 gun salute and all by some veterans from a post close to us.  Then they had a parade with golf carts and marchers.   The whole morning was quite moving. 


  A couple with only! 5 small dogs.

   And everyone looks so very happy all dressed up.

We also notices some strawberries ready to eat alone the road right below our campsite.

We also headed to the mall to catch some sales and I did get some new stuff, but none of it was on sales.  See Les, even when I shop I can't find the sale stuff. LOL

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A bit windy at times here today.  As you can see the flag is a bit tangled and upon it is an Baltimore Oriole.  He was at the feeder looking around, but did not stay long enough for me to get a really good pic.
House finch
It is a Robin, but looks strange.  I am hoping because he is a young one.  I read that the young have a speckled breast.  It looks like his feathers are too big for him.  Maybe the wind is affecting him?
Front view of the Robin
Female House finch.
So cute.

We just stayed home playing cards, knitting and play puzzle games on the computer.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sorry about missing yesterdays blog.  They had a campfire here at the resort late into the night with somors, hot dogs, and hot chocolate.  It was quite cold and I just wanted to get into bed with my electric mattress pad and warm up. 

We are staying in because of the weekend and all so not much to write about.  We went to the lodge and had dinner.  Not all that great.  Rog even said we could have done so much better!! 

The baby geese are still here.  We walked to the lodge for dinner and saw the group with 8 babies in the lake.   I worry about them and all the kids, not so much the young ones as the teenagers.  They just seem to love to make other little things hurt.  So I just stay away from the lake so I do not have to witness any abuse.  I would have to say something and past experience tells me it does not do any good and they get the fun of telling off an "old"person too. 

It is much warmer out tonight and tomorrow it is going to be the 70's with a little winds.  We will set up the bird feeders and all tomorrow.  The wind at times was really play havoc with the feeders and trying to keep the seed in it for the birds to get.


Yea right.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

teacher stuff

 Smart phones: One must articulate or  you will get this... Shopping list on phone for something in the dairy section:
      Mexican she's blend.
Just happened to us.  LOL

It is only Thursday and the resort is already full.  There is only one space near us, non on the hillside and a few on the flatlands.   There is another area with no sewer hookup, but I have not been in that area so I do not know about that part.  The big weekend is upon us. 

 Teacher cartoons for you to enjoy... or not.

You can spot a cell phone smuggler a mile away.

31 Signs You've Been A Teacher Too Long

Grading papers like this now just makes you laugh instead of cringe.
The lesson is write the words with short  "a" to match the picture.  Got to love it. 

The idea of handing out these doesn't seem so crazy to you.

This is one of your most commonly used phrases.
Those fire drills can get bad. or those noisy demonstrations one goes to.

You love your kids, but still, you get more and more depressed at the end of winter break each year.

One does fell this.

But ultimately, even when you feel like quitting, one little note like this can remind you why you truly love doing what you do.

But ultimately, even when you feel like quitting, one little note like this can remind you why you truly love doing what you do.


We have been getting light to sometimes heavy rains today, but no lightning or winds that is good.  The weekend is suppose to be nice and then the next ten days are good too.  Great here I sit typing about no lightning and I just heard thunder off in the distance.  I sure hope it stays there.  LOL

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

science teacher

   This is for you know who.  Don't let him swing the grandkids either.

The weather was great today if you are in to high humidity and heat.  
I stayed home today and Rog went into town to get a tire for the car.  We have always had the right rear tire wear way faster than the others.  And with us heading into Canada soon he wanted everything in tip top shape.  He talked to the guy at the tire place and they looked into what the problem might be.  Rog has asked other places and they either didn't know the answer or didn't want to bother with the problem.  Well this guy worked on the situation for over two hours.  The way I understand it is the tire wigs and wonks wrong and he got the wig part right, but could only get the wonk part about 60% right.  I am hoping everyone understands that as much as I did.  The guy said to take it to a dealer and they have a fancy wig/wonk device they can put on the car that will fix it all up for a price, around $200.  We may look into that, but Rog wants to see how this works out first.  He is thinking it will save on tires and maybe we will get better gas mileage too because less drag on the tire.  The designer tires for this car are rather spendy at $300 each.  Who knew one should look into the size tires on your car before you purchase it.  I think we might have chosen a different car just because of the cost of the tires and they are really hard to find.  

Rog ran his test on the inside batteries and decided that they needed to be replaced before we head to Canada too.  Not sure when he is planning that trip.  It is rather spendy when he goes to town anymore.  LOL

We get sung to by the birds all day and it is so sweet and pretty and the can reach such high notes and then at night we hear from the baritone section of the choir, the tree frogs.  They have such low notes and it travels so far.  They are in the woods near the campground.  We are thinking they are the size of your thumbnail, but are so loud.  This is just a guess on our part because we have never seen one up close and personal.   

I am into cooking with limes now.  They are so good.  I make lime rice with cilantro, yum and Waldorf salad with lime juice and a bit of jest too.  

We are under a server T storm alert.  The park had peeps go around rig to rig advising to put up awnings and put stuff put away that is not nailed down.  So out we went.  The sky was bright and blue and clear above us as we were taking things down and off in the distance the blackest of skies was coming at us.  Oh boy!! got to love this.  One of our neighbors was gone and peeps were trying to put up their awning and really did not know what  they were doing.  So Rog went over in the wind and rain and lightning and saved the day and got it up.  The guy said he has had the new electric awning so long he forgot how to put up the old kind.  We are getting rain now and lightning is off in the distance and the wind is blowing. They say  they maybe 40 mph before this is over.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This was the cornfield a week ago when we were here last.

     This is the cornfield now.  Growing like a weed.  Oops, that's not a nice word around here.  

   This is a family of 8 babies.  If you can make the pic bigger on your computer you can even count them.


These are the little ones close up.  It is time to bed down for a nap.

We had a very hot day today and with the humidity at 90% +.  
We went into town to Bass Pro Shop and spent all of our gift cards we got when we stayed at their beautiful rv resort and listened to their talk.  We got a new screened in room.  We put it up in 1 minute screens and all, ready to sit in without bugs.  Then we headed to Sam's to buy way more than we needed, but just had to have.  LOL

We are planning on staying home tomorrow and sit in our new screened in room and read.   
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