Sunday, May 5, 2013

The weather is still great.  The wet and wild stuff is staying south, which is just fine with us.  It has been clear and in the 70's with a breeze.  This breeze thing has taken almost all of the blooms from the cherry tree. 

NASCAR and golf is on and so I decided that this would be a great time for me to take a nice long nap.  Well it did not work because there were and are rain delays and here it is 7:00 at night and the race is still going.  A girl can only sleep so long.   LOL

The weekenders all left so we are all alone in our little area.  

I woke up and "Pennsylvania" Steve was swinging in the bird feeder having breakfast. 

Talking with Laura today and she is well on the way to a full recovery!!!  She was able to get the pain meds which allowed her to do two things.  One was to cough and get that stuff out of her lungs.  Two she was able to sleep so she could relax and heal.   

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