Monday, May 13, 2013

Today we hit the road and are now home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Rog did another fine job of driving, his co-pilot was ok too,  We are staying at an rv park in the National Battle Field Monument.  During the summer months and maybe this weekend they have Civil War re-enactments here in the middle of the park.  Nice.  It is a nice park, not so many people here this time of year.

It has been very cool and breezy here today.  With the wind it is even colder than the cool I mentioned earlier.  They are predicting record breaking cold tonight.  There are parts of Pennsylvania that are under a freeze watch, meaning hold on to your side of the covers because it is going to be really cold.  Then there is our part of the country that will be under a freeze warning.  Rog still better look out for his binky tonight.  It is so clear and pretty out.  Guess that might be part of the problem and why it is so cold.

The trip here was uneventful.  That's the way we like them.  Oh, I would say about four days ago there was a horrific crash on I 81 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the capital city, big place with lots of traffic, big nightmare.  That was not too far from where we stayed before.  A tanker truck was involved and it burst into flames.  Well it melted the interstate and maybe the overpass.  They have the roadway for the interstate almost fixed and hope to open Sunday.  They have been detouring drivers onto the toll road.  Just to one on and the very, very next off ramps for no charge.  The overpass road is another thing.  They are thinking that the heat was so intense that it may have melted the steel supports and the bridge may have to be replaced.  The traffic is a mess in that area as you can imagine.  We had no problems because we were heading in the opposite direction, but we noticed the back up the other direction.  

I have not been sleeping all night.  I will fall asleep then oh, and hour or so I wake up like I had slept all night.  I am not the least bit tired or sleepy.  I get up and play computer puzzle games.  Rog got them for me at the store.  The are a package deal of say 15 puzzle games for $15 - $20.  I am a cheap date.  LOL  Then around 3 or 4 am I go back to bed and up around 6 or 7.  Well I guess that all caught up with me because when we got here and all the setup was done I decided to go read on the bed and woke up a couple of hours later.  LOL read, right.  I hope I am sleepy tonight.  

This was sent to me so will pass them on.  Some of them are really good. Enjoy


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