Friday, August 31, 2012

Internet out doing my best to keep it going

We had a thunder storm here today and it knocked out the local resort internet and my MiFi has one bar of 3G, not 4G, so no pics on this blog.  You will know if I got it to load my writing because it is there. LOL
We mailed the monthly Grandkid boxes of goodies out today.  I know I waited for the last day to get it out sorry kids, but it did get out.  On our way home we went on the Natchez Trace and made a stop.  I took pics and wrote about it and saved the write up, but the storm came and the internet went down so I am hoping things will be working tomorrow.  I do not hold out too much hope because it is a holiday weekend.  So there is a surprise awaiting you, more to come.
They had an all you can get Hot Dog meal and movie here.  We went up and had chili dogs.  It was pretty good.  And the movie was funny.  I cannot remember the name something about Wild Hogs. 
We came home by the light of the blue moon.  I tried to get a pic of it but …. I will show you what I got when the internet is up and running again
This T-storm that came through here is from Isaac.  It did not last long and the rain was really needed here.  But the lighting was so close.  We think that is what messed up our internet.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

David Crockett State Park

Well yesterday Rog took me out to the Golden Lantern Grill in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. We had a fine meal and shared an anniversary piece of chocolate cake.
I am posting early because….well I got things ready and why not keep my peeps guessing what time I will post next LOL
IMG_3221Covered bridge
IMG_3231The lake
On our way back home we went through David Crockett State Park. It is a nice park. Like the one we last stayed in it is big. They have swimming pools with diving boards (closed), restaurant (closed) Not sure if they are closed for the season or just plain closed because the state cannot afford to run them. They have camping and a lake. They also have a visitor center with programs on nature and life back in the day. It was a pretty ride. We also saw deer and turkeys.

  • IMG_3253Look carefully between the barbed wire and see two deer.  It was getting late so the camera was working hard.


The sky was beautiful last night too. I love to watch the clouds.
We worked on a few things around the house. It is a bit breezy with Isaac coming this way. They seem to think we will miss most if not all of the rain here. We will wait and see.
About David Crockett and this park.
David Crockett was a pioneer, soldier, politician, industrialist and was born near the little town of Limestone in northeast Tennessee in 1786. In 1817, he moved to Lawrence County and served as a justice of the peace, a colonel of the militia, and as state representative. Along the banks of Shoal Creek, in what is now his namesake park, he established a diversified industry consisting of a powdermill, a gristmill and a distillery. All three operations were washed away in a flood in September, 1821. Financial difficulties from this loss caused Crockett to move to West Tennessee where he was elected to Congress. While in Washington, he fought for his people's right to keep land they had settled on the new frontier of West Tennessee. Crockett died at the Alamo Mission in March of 1836 while aiding the Texans in their fight for independence from Mexico.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

43rd Wedding Anniversary and Resort


It is our 43rd wedding anniversary today.  We have had a great 43 years together and are planning on many many more.  We have two wonderful kids and six fabulous grandkids.  We are now living the life we have always planned and having a wonderful time doing it together. Traveling all over the USA.
He is my very best friend in the whole world and I love him more now than ever.  Thank you Roger!!!!  We are going into town to have dinner tonight and no it is not the usual McDonalds,
I don’t think.

I have to let you know that I am having to switch how I do my blog. I would put a because after that last sentence and explain why, but I really do not understand why myself. This morning I went to a program we have called Picasa. It is the program I put all my pics in and fix them up for you to see and then I put them on my blog with a click of the mouse and now the mouse or the click does not work.  So Rog and I figured another way, but it is a lot of work. Maybe after I learn it and how wonderful the new way of doing things is I will get faster and better at blogging.

We went driving around the resort today and took some pics of the place.  This is one of the pool areas.  The other pool is closed for repairs or for the season.  I am not sure which.  It is not heated….so we may not go in,  I will have to see how it goes later and I may venture into the cool waters. 



IMG_3164This is a pic of the barn.  They store the hay wagon.  Certain times of the year they will put hay on it and pull it around the resort giving hay rides to all.  I am not sure what else happens there, like dances etc.



In the trees near the lake we spotted this picnic table and a nice hammock in the trees.  This is here for all to enjoy.


IMG_3182This is one of the many walking bridges around the lake.  This one happens to connect some cabins on the lake too.

IMG_3184I took this because of the soft touch of pink the blossoms have.  Not sure of the name of the flower.  They were up by the building they call the Town Hall. 

IMG_3186This is part of the Town Hall complex.  This is were most of the activities happen.  Like Saturday they are having  roast pig and all the fixens.  IMG_3190Don went into town today and came back with this beauty.  It was delicious.


We went kayaking today too.  I forgot to put the memory card, interesting memory and forgot, in the camera so… does not work too well.   So you missed a Great Blue Heron shot that was fab.  The underside of a helicopter, neat.  And many pics of us on the lake.  Next time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This is Rog's idea of  a great meal. LOL

We stayed in the resort today.  It is a big place and we did drive around to see the place and I took some pics, but I can not get them to load into the blog.  I hate computers, yes I do,  We are going kayaking in the morning.  AIS at 8.  I found these cartoons on facebook and loaded them a while back for times like this.  I have some peeps that just look at the pics so these are for them. LOL great

I know I posted this one before, but it is pretty neat. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Natches Trace Park day 1

I am very impressed with the Tennessee state parks.   Well the state park, we have only been in one.  This one is massive.  It only has  30 RV electric and water sites, but it has a vast amount of other types of camping sites.  It also has a nature center, swimming pool, lodge, and baseball field, other out buildings for entertaining, large covered picnic areas, etc.  There were two wedding parties here just in the short time we have been here.  We also had a singer come to the park to entertain for no extra charge.  She was not that bad either. 
The only wild life we have seen has been the turkeys.  There is a cat that comes around and I made the mistake of petting her.  So she was mine.  She slept on our step and hung around the place.  When the dogs would bark or even come out she would stand her ground and not budge.  So I had to get serious and shooed her away.  This meant she went 20 feet away instead of my step.  LOL  Come to find out from one of the park employees they have 90 feral cats that hang out in the park.  This one has staked out this area.  She is far from being a wild cat though.
We did not do as much as I would have liked in this area, but we needed some down time.  I will have to come back and instead of drive bys I must do walk ins and see the sights. 
We made it to our new rv site.  We are still in Tennessee.  We will be in this particular resort for three weeks.  That is a long time for us.   The trip here was great.  We did not have any break downs or near misses.  The ABS light is still on though.   We are thinking of placing a nice sticker over it. LOL  Those that watch Big Bang Theory will understand that reference to Penny and her check engine light.  And if you are not watching that show it is a must see. 


We met Don at this park.  He is a couple of sites down from us. 
While outside talking we witnessed and interesting sight.  First I heard and then saw an air tanker either refueling or practicing refueling with a helicopter.  It happened so fast the first time I did not get any pics.  But they came again so now we think this is a practice refueling.  Got my pics.  If you look close you can see the hose and white nose (very technical military talk) coupler to connect to the helicopter for refueling. 

Our new home.  We were given a newsletter of the happenings for the week here.  Wow if we did it all we would be very busy peeps.  They are having a pig roast on Saturday which is a must.  And movie night at the beach.  Oh did I mention they have a 300 acre lake.  We will be out on the lake in the kayaks.  I will be able to put a big heart, which means we kayaked in that state, on Tennessee on our RV map. 

Also we can sit at camp and watch a pair of gold finches drink water from the neighbor’s water spigot.
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