Sunday, August 5, 2012

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park

Moses H. Cone Manor House Memorial Park

The carriage barn houses horse stables at the bottom entrance and carriages at the top level entrance.
Moses H. Cone was a textile magnate, philanthropist, gentleman farmer and world traveler.  He purchased 3,600 acres and created this summer retreat.  It is 14,000 sq. ft.
A fellow picture taker
It was more than just a pretty house.  In addition to Flat Top Manor House, the estate was a community, which functioned over four decades.  Over 30 working families lived here and many said it was like their own small village.  About 57 structures were once scattered around the property, five currently exist.  The estate also consisted of fruit and vegetable gardens, lakes, recreational facilitates and miles of carriage trails. 
Inside the house on the bottom floor is where the area crafts are displayed and sold.  They had some beautiful things.  The next few pics are of some people we know shopping.


 A lady was giving a demonstration on picture weaving. It was interesting and her work was really great.
We are walking on the figure 8 trail beside the manor house.  We are enjoying nature at its best. 
back side of the manor house
Over looks on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Tiger Swallowtail butterfly
wild turkeys under the tree.
Waiting for the upstairs tour with our name tags on.
Looking out the top floor window out at the lake. 
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