Friday, August 10, 2012

stone mountain 2nd blog


Woke up this morning with a feeling that something was missing, so wrong and then I remembered no Internet no blog.    We must try and find a spot today.
Speaking of the blog I am going to have to format the pages differently because we have to go about 20 miles to find a spot to blog.  So I will place the writing last on the blog and then all the pics and you will have to find the pic that goes with what I am talking about.  This will be good for my older peeps because this will work your brain more and hopefully stave off Alzheimers. LOL For some of you it is just too late.
We have been maneuvering the MiFi to get a signal.  I have included a couple of pics to show you the extremes we have been going to to get my blog out there. None of the locations we placed the MiFi worked.  We finally had to get in the car and find a spot miles away.
We had coffee outside until the sun came out in full force and the humidity got so bad we had to retreat into the RV.  We were hoping the farther up in the mountains we would get some relief.  Also there is a smell that comes now and then.  I know it is the smell of death.  I will keep track of that.
We were up at the visitor/registration center last night for a long time trying to blog and just could not get it to work  The deer were coming and going the whole time.  There were moms with babies and buck with racks.  The pics of the guys with the racks are very fuzzy so will try again.
There was a man trying to get a drink from the coke machine and could not get his money to work, yes it was American money.  He talked to us in a middle of a down pour about getting change and he went on and on about how wonderful the park is.  He said there was lots to do here.  Hiking seems to THE thing to do.  He said there was a 7 mile hike, not a bad hike he said.  He went on and on about how great the hike was and what you would see on the hike, but my brain stopped at 7 miles.  LOL  

We stayed home and Rog took out the carpet in the bedroom. The first thing he did was get the bed out, well not really out but taken apart.  You can see where the bed is folded when we slide in to travel.  We also had to take the mattress and all out too.  There is really no space to put much of anything inside and we could not store it outside for even a short time because of the possibility of rain.
 I have quite a few “handyman butt crack shots”, but Rog says no way are you putting those on the blog.  I said we could caption them with “here is our good friend Les helping us”.  LOL 

He used a car jack to lift the bed to get the carpet out from under and then later to put the flooring under.  We found there was tile under the carpet, but Rog bought the darn flooring and he is using it.  I guess I don’t care.  I thought we could save some money by just leaving the tile and also save Rog a lot of work. 
He got all the work done around the bed so he could put the bed back together.  Nice.  He decided this was a good stopping point.  Knowing Rog I should have asked when was he going to finish because he has a way of putting things off for years.  Does anyone remember the mustache? LOL 
Well he got right to it this morning and finished the flooring.  It looks really great.  It is really a lot harder to do than a floor in a  big house because there are so many little cuts on almost every board.  Sometimes there are multiple cuts on one board.   We love the new look and getting the mildew smell out was the best part of all. 

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