Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Day in Lenoir

We all got up and caravaned to the local eatery for an all you can eat senior breakfast buffet.  They had a great variety of goodies for us to choose from.  Some of did not choose, but they ate one of each.  Sometimes more than once.  It was fun.

We went shopping and I bought my lottery tickets.  So really this time I will be celebrating and spending after the drawing.

Came home and started the dominoes games.  We got interrupted by a thunderstorm.  So we all went to our prospective corners (our RV.s) to wait it out.  How convenient that the storm came in so close to dinner time too. We did not resume the game, but went down to Terry and Diane's 5th Wheel and had a scrumptious cheese cake with many different flavors to sample.  We had a great visit with everyone.

We will be packing things up and getting ready to leave for our next spot in the morning.  We will be saying good bye to some very nice people and hope we see them sooner than later.  We will be heading a whole 60 miles northwest to Stone Mountain State Park, yes still in North Carolina.  We have been very impressed with other state's state parks we have visited.  This is the first North Carolina state park for us.  

We are heading farther into the mountains and I must stress that I may not have Internet so the blog may be delayed.

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