Sunday, August 19, 2012

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We will be traveling on Tuesday so hopefully I will have Internet at the next stop. Stay tuned until late Tueday or Wednesday RACES.

We took a nice long long walk along the Stone Mountain Creek.  It was an overcast day so the sun was hiding from us most of the time on our walk.  We did see a buck in the woods and another group of deer in a meadow like area.  The creek was beautiful and so peaceful.  We also came across an old (new) church.  It was established in 1878, but we are sure it has been rebuilt since.  But it sure looks old with its cement shingles LOL


We are just on the edge of autumn.  A lot of the trees and little bushes are just on the verge of changing colors and some are even there.  This park is going to be unbelievably beautiful when all the leaves change.  Too bad we will not be here. 
As I said before the walk was wonderful.  I have enclosed a few of the pics I took along the way.  Enjoy.



We also came across some interesting plants.  There was a tree with a lot of fruit.  I do not know what kind of tree it is.  Also we would see spots of bright red along the creek edge. 

Our walk took us to the top of Stone Mountain Falls.  We went to the bottom of the falls a couple of days ago.  I blogged about that trip a while back.  I did include one of those pics to give you some references of, top and bottom.  We could have gone to the top on the first trip, but there were a zillion steps and after walking for a mile and knowing there was another mile, which would feel like 10 miles, going back I decided not to go up that they at that time.    So we took another trail today for 1 ½ miles one way to see the top of the falls.  I really should have walked those steps.  But maybe not, we got to see another great part of the park and got out for another magnificent walk.
The falls is water going over a great big huge boulder, as someone I know would say.  They are very concerned about people’s safety here as you can see.  And of course those signs are just a suggestion or for other people to obey. 
We decided since we were in a state park that we should have a camp fire.   Every time we do this I know why I do not like camp fires.  They stink, well they don’t per say, but they make you stink of smoke, your clothes stink of smoke and the RV stinks of smoke. Also they are sometimes a pain to start and maintain.  We got some cured North Carolina wood from the park ranger.  Rog got out his ax and split the logs for easy starting and burning.  We made a base of used paper plates and a map of the trails of the park.  We are going green LOL).  We started out great, but we could not keep the fire going.  So Rog got out the air mattress pump to use a bellows and we now had a fire, but we had to blow on the fire constantly to keep a flame.   I think you get my point.  So we are going back to letting others have the camp fires and we will watch at a safe no smoke stink distance. LOL

Observational note:  I must talk again about the meteor shower we observed last weekend.  I must say it was quite an experience.   We got our lounge chairs (we call them meteor chairs now LOL)  out and set up around 11 PM.  We stayed up way past our bed time.  The weather was the greatest and the meteor shower was wonderful.  I have never seen so many big streaks of burning stellar stuff in the sky before.  If you ever get a chance to see this, do.

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