Saturday, August 11, 2012


  I must say finding a spot and blogging in the out doors is a challenge. The bight sunshine is quite a problem.   I am hoping everything is making sense and the pics go with the writing.  If they do not stay tuned they might yet. LOL
I will repeat this is a beautiful park and I would come back here in a heartbeat.  We are, however, having one problem and it is really no one’s fault.  But after having been informed of the problem and if there is no action taken it well be someone’s fault. Early in the mornings when the breeze is just so we get the most putrid smell.  We are positive it is a dead animal by the creek.  The grass and such is so high and thick one cannot see it, but believe me it is there.  Usually the wind shifts elsewhere or we are gone and it has not bothered us, but today the wind has not shifted and the smell is just too much.  Have talked to the peeps at the visitors center about the situation and she said she would tell “them” about it.  Hope “them” are informed sooner than later. 
Well the park ranger came to check out the smell and it is getting nothing but worse.  Come to find out the rangers drew straws and our guy got the short one this time.  He found our smell across the creek from us, it is a deer.  There is a deadly disease caused by a fly of some kind and so far is has killed 60%, wow, of the deer in the park.  I do not know if any other animal is affected.
We have been out on walks around the campground in the evenings.  It is so pretty here and quite.  Well we are about 5% full now. If they want to hit their 95% full they told us people better start arriving.  We figure Friday will be the big move in.  We saw one doe on one of our walks.
 I cannot put this blog out daily, but I write daily.  Some of the situations I present are over or solved before they get to the blog.  I will just inform as that happens.  It is the weekend and the park is full.  I will bet by Monday we will pretty much have the park to ourselves.
 I just looked out my kitchen window and saw a fawn in the two camp sites down from us and it is in the middle of the day. Strange that he is all alone and that he is out at this time.  He stayed very close to the edge of the woods and nibbled on the grass and trees.  After talking with the ranger about the dead deer we all think this fawn is all alone because his mom’s body is the one found across the creek from us.  So sad.  We have seen him a lot, but always no mom, so now we know. Our guy said there are a lot of orphaned fawns in the park this year.
On our walk I was able to get some shots of Big Sandy Creek for you all to see.  It is very pretty and serene. Somebody must have been trying to sell some property when they named it because it is not big.  It is barely Little Sandy Creek. LOL
We have had a thunder storm every night, but one since we have been here and the one on Friday night was the most brilliant  with lightning  strikes one right after the other for 1 ½  to 2 hours.  There was some rain too, but really not that much for the light show.  
Rog working on the flooring.  All that is needed is the calking and molding.


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