Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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My daughter visited a while back and brought a sweater pattern that she would like me to knit for her.  I like knitting and the pattern she brought looked interesting.  So I set out with very good intentions.  The pattern is knitted from the top down, has raglan sleeves, and has a small 18 stitch cable pattern running down the sleeves and on each side of the fronts.  Well this would not be a problem for people who can count to 18.  I followed the pattern row by row with a little sticky arrow marker to mark each and every row, so I do not get lost.   I count after each and every 18 stitch pattern row to make sure I have made all the yarn overs.  And still I have managed to miss count.  This is bad enough, but my miss count happened at least five rows ago and I have to painstakingly take each row out to get to the problem.  I have knitted on the sweater enough so now I have around 200 stitches in each and every row.  I hate knitting!  More to the point I hate that I cannot count when I am knitting. LOL   

I will work this out and I will be knitting soon, not un-knitting.   I have not gotten all the stitches out that I need to, but will one of these days.  I am going to try a new approach.  I am going to try and just take out the stitches in the 18 stitch pattern and work them.  I’ve done this before, but never with a pattern stitch.  Hope you are not counting on this sweater anytime soon Laura, LOL I have figured it out and I am knitting again.

Today Rog cleaned the RV inside and out.  We dump our tanks once a week.  At this state park they do not have sewers at the site, but they do have a dump station.  A dump station is a place where you as an RVer can dump your black and gray holding tanks.  That done we are set for another week.  We will be leaving this park in one week so we will dump our tanks on the way out. 

We also washed and waxed the rig.  That is a big job because it is so big.  We have not been able to wash the RV since Peace River, Florida in late June!  We were dirty.   We have not been able to wash the rig because most RV resorts will not allow it.  But this state park will.  Nice.  We are washing the car tomorrow.  It is not as big, but still big for a car.


We did a 2 mile hike to Stone Falls on Sunday.  It was fun, but a bit much for me.  I have a few sore muscles, bones and what not.  I need to walk some everyday so when I do decide to hike any distance at all I will not hurt so much after.  LOL 
Stone Falls is really pretty and the walk up and back (one should really think things through (the back part) before they begin long journeys) was beautiful.  Included are some pics of the falls.  It was one great big rock with the water spilling over it.  On our walk up to the falls and of course the walk back we saw a tiny falls and an interesting creature.  I thought he was pretty.
We saw our first changing of the leaves.  They are a bright red. 

I also included a pic of the state park employees finding and burying one of the two deer they found right behind our site yesterday , the other deer was about 50 feet down stream.  The first one that we reported dead they took out in the back of their pick-up. That was quite a site and their were only two guys for that one.  I think they had 10 for this find and disposal.  I guess now with so many dying they are just burying them where they find them.

This last weekend the park was full, at least in the electric sites.  While we were out walking we came upon this interesting home away from home tent.  LOL

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