Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bristal part 2

Internet is fast tonight so decided to post some of the other Bristol Baby race pics. Car brought into the pits after the big crash. No more racing for you.
The cars are stopped on the track waiting for the cars being taken off the track from the accident.  These cars were not in the accident, but one was leaking fluids so the guys had to put a glorified kind of  kitty litter on the goo to clean it up.
Another fender binder
On re-starts cars can stall out on the track and to get them started they get a little push from the rescue guys,
OOPS somebody lost something in the middle of the race.  It is sad, but the tire was winning.  This can not be good! LOL
Here comes the car.  Where is that tire now.
Notice the double tires on the down hill side.  This is the vehicle that sweeps up the kitty litter and vacuums it up.   It also cleans up other lose stuff on the track.

 I love that NASCAR and those involved show such respect for our country and God.  All members of the teams always stand at attention for the prayer, raising of the flag, and singing of our national anthem,  Way to go!!!!

The truck race was at night and I could not get any pics that were any good.  This is the only one that was not a big blur.
This is the last of the Bristol racing pics.  
I also did another post today on the Stones River Battlefield so please read the next post too.
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