Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tennesse here we are!

Getting ready to leave North Carolina.  We have awnings on our slide outs and water collects there from rain showers and the condensation from the air conditioners.  As the water collects it causes the awning to sag, pooling the water.  When you bring the slide outs in the water pulls the awning in a not good way.    So Les, Rog's good friend, showed Rog is devise to solve this problem.  The pics above shows the one Rog made and it at work.

When we left Stone Mountain State Park for Tennessee we decided to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway as far down as possible before we needed to turn west to our new home site in Tennessee.  It was the best trip on the parkway we have taken to date.  It was clear.  There was very little traffic.  You are on the ridge of the mountains and here are some pics. 

As the road travels on the ridge there are different spots where it rides the crest.  Other parts of the road are on the ridge, but not the top or crest of the ridge.  This is the highest crest on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I must tell you of our trip today.  We were traveling in the mountains, going up and down and sometimes going down quite steep or turning sharp turns needing to apply the brakes a lot.  Well Rog does know how to travel mountain roads and he down shifts, I guess that's what you call it, and lets the engine do a lot of the braking work.  Well after coming down a particularly steep section we could smell the brakes, not good!  We make it to the bottom of this section and travel pretty flat areas hoping the brakes would cool off.  Well the dash lights up like a Christmas tree and Rog says the brakes aren't working right.  So he finds the nearest wide spot in the road and we stop and let the brakes cool for an hour or so.  We start again and the brake light is off, but the ABS light is still on.  We are still in the mountains! hills! steep stuff at times! sharp curves!, but we take it slow and easy.  Rog said when we first started after our stop that the brakes were still not right and he needed to pump them to get them to work, but after time they were working fine. Well be made it fine, but stuff like this makes for a long day and not so fun trip.
Pictures are worth a thousand words, but being there in person has got to be a zillion, maybe even a krillion words. LOL   You must come and see all this wonder for yourself.
Our new home state. 
  Rog relaxing at our new home site.
There is a small babbling brook behind Rog.  It is so peaceful.  We did just hear the sound of the lonesome whistle blow from a train in the distance.  It is so cool.
The site is not quite level.  We had this problem with the back needing to be put up really high with double blocks at the last spot. You would think people who own parks would get the sites a bit more level???

Truck race day tomorrow, yea fun
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