Friday, August 31, 2012

Internet out doing my best to keep it going

We had a thunder storm here today and it knocked out the local resort internet and my MiFi has one bar of 3G, not 4G, so no pics on this blog.  You will know if I got it to load my writing because it is there. LOL
We mailed the monthly Grandkid boxes of goodies out today.  I know I waited for the last day to get it out sorry kids, but it did get out.  On our way home we went on the Natchez Trace and made a stop.  I took pics and wrote about it and saved the write up, but the storm came and the internet went down so I am hoping things will be working tomorrow.  I do not hold out too much hope because it is a holiday weekend.  So there is a surprise awaiting you, more to come.
They had an all you can get Hot Dog meal and movie here.  We went up and had chili dogs.  It was pretty good.  And the movie was funny.  I cannot remember the name something about Wild Hogs. 
We came home by the light of the blue moon.  I tried to get a pic of it but …. I will show you what I got when the internet is up and running again
This T-storm that came through here is from Isaac.  It did not last long and the rain was really needed here.  But the lighting was so close.  We think that is what messed up our internet.

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