Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stone Mountain State Park

We do not have Internet or phone service here.  We are cut off from the world.  Not so much Rog got 15 TV channels and the GPS is working fine.  I do not understand how that can be.  We will find a place to post my blog and try and do it every other day, so keep looking.
We started our trip without any delays.  Said our farewells to all and off we went.  We had no problems on the road in fact the trip was very pleasant.   I do have some comments about the trip though.  The roads were great, maybe a little narrow, but no potholes or stuff like that.  They were a bit, how do I put it, wavy.  I think that was because they are not traveled on much and are a little wrinkled. LOL.  We were behind a slow moving car for a little while.  We could not decide if it was a little old man and a little old woman or two little old ladies.  We do know that if we were traveling in a lower sitting vehicle we would not be able to see them at all.  LOL.  We had a great trip and got here in good time.

Stone Mountain Park is really beautiful.  We would recommend it to all.  The spaces are well kept and big.  The tent spaces are in the woods.

We got ourselves registered and in our spot in no time.  Our site is, get this, 95 feet long!  In back of us is Big Sandy Creek.  Yes, I know my name.   You cannot see it from the site because there are so many flowers, bushes, trees, and more green things growing. But there are breaks in the vegetation so will get a pic later.  I took one shot to show you two things: One, no one is here.  Two, the spaces are so big and arranged so you are not looking in your neighbors living room or watching the happenings in their campsite.  There goes my fun. 

When we got here we had some concerns with the sight because as beautiful as they are, nicely paved and so well planned the sites are not level by any stretch of the imagination.   So we asked if we could move.  We thought this would not be a problem because no one is here.  Well this weekend they figure 95% full and next weekend 75% full.  With the weekend peeps we could not get a full 2 week slot.   So we made do and got leveled with trickery.  We now we have our own “Mystery Mountain”. LOL 

The next few pics are of the wildlife we have seen in the very short time we were out.  The first is Steve; yes he followed us here too.  I did not know which of the pics to publish so I did them all.  He is something else with his acorn. 

 Bambi was a good distance away and shot through the dirty windshield.  You can see the spots on him.  He did not let us get any closer and ran into a thicket where no one could see him just like his mommy told him.

 The butterfly would not stay still for one moment.  So he is on the fly and a bit blurry.  He is a beautiful shade of blue. 
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