Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cedar's of Lebanon State Park TN

We are at our new home site in Cedars of Lebanon State Park just outside of Lebanon, Tennessee.  It is a pretty state park.  We are in the handicap space with full hookup for $16.00 a night! Yea I know these people know how to do it right.  And the site is way level and all.  The trip here was nice mostly interstate highways.  We did I 40 for many miles.  Rog was saying  that we have done all the way to the end of it in California.  We have not done about 80 miles in North Carolina so we cannot say we have driven all of it. 

We picked this park for a couple of reasons: 1 it is on the way to our next site and 2 it is near the capital city of Tennessee.  Tomorrow we are heading into the capital. 

Internet here is not fast enough to blog pics.  That’s the one thing I hate about blogging, you have to be in internet center to get your pics out.  I have some great pics of the race and the happenings during the race.  I must say it is soooo noisy!!!!  I have been to a few tracks and this is the first one I had to wear ear plugs.  If I did not have them I would not have been able to stay for the races.  Daytona is my favorite track by far.  I will try and walk the park and see if there is a better place to blog.  In the mean time you are going to have to look at words.  


Love this cartoon I found on Facebook

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