Thursday, August 2, 2012

More of the RV resort

I wanted to give you a better look at the decks at the sites here.  When I took the pic of mine I had so much stuff in the way you could not really see.
This is another site with a different arrangement for the decking.  It is really cool.  You go around on walks and  people are out on their decks enjoying the world with a cup of coffee or another fine beverage.   Maybe the newspaper or a book.  Just can't get any better.
Now you know the fire in this fireplace has got to be a good one.  It is really cute sitting out there.  Rog wanted me to climb down into their site and get a pic of the other direction because it says Budweiser.   You know he could have done that for me.

We met some friends of some friends today.   We had great fun, well fun playing Wii bowling.  Rog said things should be better because we had a wooden lane here.  LOL  Then we went out to eat and enjoy the evening with a walk and a visit.  It can't get any better than that.  But we will try or at least equal it tomorrow.

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