Monday, August 27, 2012

Natches Trace Park day 1

I am very impressed with the Tennessee state parks.   Well the state park, we have only been in one.  This one is massive.  It only has  30 RV electric and water sites, but it has a vast amount of other types of camping sites.  It also has a nature center, swimming pool, lodge, and baseball field, other out buildings for entertaining, large covered picnic areas, etc.  There were two wedding parties here just in the short time we have been here.  We also had a singer come to the park to entertain for no extra charge.  She was not that bad either. 
The only wild life we have seen has been the turkeys.  There is a cat that comes around and I made the mistake of petting her.  So she was mine.  She slept on our step and hung around the place.  When the dogs would bark or even come out she would stand her ground and not budge.  So I had to get serious and shooed her away.  This meant she went 20 feet away instead of my step.  LOL  Come to find out from one of the park employees they have 90 feral cats that hang out in the park.  This one has staked out this area.  She is far from being a wild cat though.
We did not do as much as I would have liked in this area, but we needed some down time.  I will have to come back and instead of drive bys I must do walk ins and see the sights. 
We made it to our new rv site.  We are still in Tennessee.  We will be in this particular resort for three weeks.  That is a long time for us.   The trip here was great.  We did not have any break downs or near misses.  The ABS light is still on though.   We are thinking of placing a nice sticker over it. LOL  Those that watch Big Bang Theory will understand that reference to Penny and her check engine light.  And if you are not watching that show it is a must see. 


We met Don at this park.  He is a couple of sites down from us. 
While outside talking we witnessed and interesting sight.  First I heard and then saw an air tanker either refueling or practicing refueling with a helicopter.  It happened so fast the first time I did not get any pics.  But they came again so now we think this is a practice refueling.  Got my pics.  If you look close you can see the hose and white nose (very technical military talk) coupler to connect to the helicopter for refueling. 

Our new home.  We were given a newsletter of the happenings for the week here.  Wow if we did it all we would be very busy peeps.  They are having a pig roast on Saturday which is a must.  And movie night at the beach.  Oh did I mention they have a 300 acre lake.  We will be out on the lake in the kayaks.  I will be able to put a big heart, which means we kayaked in that state, on Tennessee on our RV map. 

Also we can sit at camp and watch a pair of gold finches drink water from the neighbor’s water spigot.
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