Thursday, August 16, 2012

deer and butterflies

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We stopped this little group of Tiger Swallow Tail butterflies.  I wonder what you call a group of them.  It could not be a flotilla because that is already taken, maybe a churn, like in butter, or a squadron (flying). LOL  I do not have Internet here at camp to look that up

We stayed home and rested up from all the remodeling we did and the walks and what not .  We did go into Mount Airy, North Carolina.  That is where Andy Griffith was born and raised.  It is a nice little town.  Main street was just like any other with stores with name like Aunt Bee’s Café,  Barney’s  Sporting Goods, Floyd’s Barber Shop, and more.  They said there was a statue of Andy and Ron in town somewhere, but we did not find it.

On the way back as we entered the state park we saw these two deer.  The one is just starting to get his antlers.  I hope they survive the virus outbreak here.  We have not seen our fawn lately.  Hoping it is because he has found better eats somewhere else.  
We are planning another hike tomorrow.  Will send pics if we go.

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