Saturday, September 1, 2012

blogging without internet is no fun

It is Saturday of a long weekend for those non-retired peeps so I did not think we would get the internet fixed and I was right.  So I will try again to post with no pics.  I tried to post 11 times yesterday and as far as I could tell none of the posts went to the blog.  But wait for some reason known only by the non-sleep gods, I was up at 1:00 AM.  So I used the MiFi and looked at the blog to see if late at night with maybe not so many people on line I could post something.  There were 10 posts on the blog of the same thing!! I do not understand.  Well I was able to delete 9 so all is well in blogdom.  So I will do the same. But maybe wait a bit to see if the post uploads to the blog before I hit enter again.  The program kept telling me an error was made please try again, so I did, a lot of times too. LOL  How slow is the internet?  It took me 46 minutes to delete those 9 extra blogs, that’s how slow.

The resort is having a Pig Roast dinner tonight.  We are planning on partaking in the event.  They were to have a movie on the beach tonight and I wanted to launch the kayaks and watch a movie from our boats, never done that before.  But with the aftermath of Isaac they feel it will be too windy and it would blow over their big huge blow-up screen, so no go.  They are going to have the movie, a Three Stooges, no thanks and Karaoke too, and no thanks. So dinner and home for us to night.

Last night at the dinner a young mother came in with an eight month old and put him in a walker.  You know those round ones that the little one scoots around in.  Mine would scoot around pushing off with their feet going backwards all over the house.   This little one was doing the same thing.  Then mom said to the little one only a saying that you would hear from a southern mother.  “Son go forward, you’re not a crawdad.”  I laughed so hard.  It is true, crawdads only go backwards.

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