Monday, September 24, 2012

Just lazying around today.
We got up early packed things away and tied other stuff down  so Rog could take the rig in and get those new batteries I have been blogging about.  He paid the bucks to have them installed.  They are in a spot that is almost impossible to get at let alone get out.  Then there is the big mess of cables and wires and stuff everywhere that must be replaced in the same places.  The guy at the battery store had a very difficult time.  Rog said he almost killed himself because of the way he had to position himself to get the batteries out of their location.  And they are heavy too.  Anyway that job is done and paid for.  And the rig starts right up or at least it did the one time he started it to get home.  lol We shall see.  

It was quite cool this morning.  I spent the time here outside in the elements with the dogs.  The dogs did not want to be outside they were always heading for the car to get out of the outside.  Well after a while I decided to join them in the car.  I kept knitting, a book, and the computer to keep me company.  Well the computer took up about 10 minutes of the time and most of that time it used booting up. lol  The knitting; well I am having my usual problem of not being able to count the stitches in the pattern.  So I decided that was no good.  So reading won out over all choices.  The problem with reading is I use it to fall asleep at night so now when I read I want to close my eyes.   It did not take him long to get the batteries and have them installed so I was not stuck in the cold with the dogs  for long.

Rog got home we set up the rig again.  Over the weekend we had a young couple stay in the camp site next to us.  We got to visit some with them.  The young man reminded us of our grandson David.  I told him that he did and that David was very handsome too.  He laughed over that one.  Well they live close and he works at Camping World about 10 miles down the road.  When they left Sunday they forgot an Ipod alarm clock, radio and what not device.  So we hopped in the car and took it to Camping World to return it.  We hit there at his lunch time and he was gone.  darn.  So gave the thingy to a manager to give to him.  The manager was amazed we would come from the campground and bring it to him.  While at Camping World we had to shop and of course found a few items we just had to have.  

We treated ourselves to Olive Garden  all you can eat soup (for Rog) and salad for us both with their wonderful bread sticks.  I really like the salad.  Well Rog found a piece of something, package wrapping or something like that in his soup.  He told them about it in case there was more to be found in the soup.  She took his meal off the ticket.  Last time we were at an Olive Garden Rog's Lasagna was burnt on the bottom.  They took his meal off the ticket and pack him a dinner to go for free.  

Next off to the grocery store, so now we are all set for meals.  

Hoping to get out and see the capital tomorrow so I can put my capital star sticker on my map.  

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