Friday, September 14, 2012

kayaking at the resort


We went out on the lake early this morning.  Rog had decided to try something new in the way he secured the kayaks on the trailer.  He wanted to try using the ratchets he uses to hold all the stuff in the rack we use on the back of the car.  Well we are inching our way down the resort road, which is really really rough is a lot of spots and he looks out and we only have one kayak on the trailer.  We go back and there it is in the ditch a little scratched up but fine.  We strap it down and inch our way to the lake and the other kayak is lose too, but we are there to get it before it falls.  We are now back to using the other straps.  We are quick learners. LOL  We got in the lake and on our way.  We went about 5 miles today.  We did the whole lake and saw a lot of neat things.  The first is the feather above.  We have had a lot of Canadian Geese come to the lake and they leave feathers, among other things, all over the water.  I took this because the water was so still it looks like the feather is on a mirror.  
Rog floating along and you can see some of the resort cabins that are rented out in the back ground.
Tiny Rog on the other side of the lake with the changing of the leaves beginning.
This area is where our rig is parked, but up the hill a ways.  Notice the cannon at the ready.  The people can lease lots for the year and they decorate and build decks and landings.  They are here to stay.
White flower
Rog is really getting into kayaking.  He has his feet up and all.  He must think he is on an on-top-of kayak that they use in the ocean.
Rog and more turning leaves.
More turning leaves and no Rog
yellow flowers
Night Heron out in the morning fishing.
The next pics are of little caverns along the lake.
Purple flower at the cavern.
Bigger cave like area.
The Canadians are here.  They fly around a lot every day.  We think they are practicing formation flying or trying out different leaders for the long flight to Florida.  They will probably be there waiting for us.  LOL  They are coming Les and Michelle.

In the afternoon we took some friends we met here at the park to the Amish Produce Auction.  They took us the first time.  We got eggplant, yellow squash, peas (like my Daddy grew), and tomatoes.  Scotty and Mary purchased 80 lbs of tomatoes.  Three 20 pound boxes went for $3 each.  They said they will give them away to the people in the park and we were the first to get some.  We also went to some of the stores and places in Amish country and got flour, soap, and spices.  It was a great day.  We came back to the park and went to an outdoor movie by the lake.  They have a big blow-up screen and projector set up.  They have a little popcorn machine and all.  It has been another very fun day.  

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