Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Amish Produce Auction

We had a wonderful afternoon.  A wonderful couple we met here at the resort told us about the Amish Produce Auction and invited us to tag along.   We had the best time.  Three days a week the Amish hold an auction.  They have an auctioneer and all and it was really run very well.  
You can also purchase produce and other items from the Amish at their homes. You can do this two ways; get a paper with a map that shows the houses and what they sell or ride around enjoying the beautiful countryside looking for signs that tells you what each house sells.  The signs are a bit crud, but they get the message across.  
We are planning on going on another trip to "shop" at the homes.

Scotty took us the back way to the auction so we could see the Amish homes.  Notice the signs in front of the homes we went by.  When we went by the school the kids were at recess.  They were so cute the boys in their  black pants, blue shirts, and wide brimmed straw hats.  I did not take any pics of people because they would rather you did not.  I can understand that. 
This area is located in the back of the auction house.  If you look really close you can see the horses and wagons loaded with produce. 
This is a different auction than what we went to, but was held at the same time.  They hold a big bulk auction in the area that sticks out.  The bidders sit under the covered area and the sellers would bring their horse drawn wagons full of produce through the middle of the bidders.  They bid for the load and off the wagon goes to our area to store the items in the shade until they are ready to be picked up.  I went and looked at some of these items and I saw the most beautiful and interesting looking pumpkins I have ever seen.  They would not allow pictures inside.

This auction area is just in front of the area for the bulk loads.  
When you first get there you see a table with smaller quantities of produce with prices. These items can be purchased without going through the auction process.
Then there is the area where the "big boys and girls" play.   LOL  It was fun.  Scotty and Mary, the couple we went with, said we could use their auction number if we wanted to bid.  The produce was so wonderful and I would have bought a lot if I had the space.  You would bid on 5 pounds of hot peppers, or 80 pounds of tomatoes, or 4 bushels of okra.  If one lived here you should put up a produce stand along the road and buy here cheep and sell there high. 
We purchased all the stuff on this table there.  The squash was 30 cents a piece!  The box  contains green peppers, green tomatoes, yellow squash, eggplant $4.00! The peas were $2.50 a bag! Baby sweet potatoes $3.00!  They had such wonderful bargains, but I do not have the space so had to pass them up.

Since I am talking about food thought I would pass this little gem along.  LOL

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