Wednesday, September 19, 2012

geese leaves deer

Went out for a walk around a small area of the park.  This is a really big place.  A lot of the sites have been blocked off and let go.  I guess not so many people come to visit and it hard to maintain the place. I had blogged earlier that there was a flock of Canadian Geese grazing well here is the picture proof.

Walked to one of the lakes on the place.  Well they call this one the lake and the other is the pond. 

Turtle sunning himself on a log on this chilly morning.  Our thermometer is not registering the outside temperature this morning.  Not sure if it got that cold or Rog got it really wet yesterday when his washed the rig.  The weather person said we should have gotten down to 45 last night.  It is quite chilly out.

This tree really interested me when we got here.  It is huge and from a distance if you look at the bottom of the tree you see a bright red spot by the up right poles.  I thought it might be a Cardinal.  But as we got closer we could see that a small section of a branch, really a twig the leaves were turning.  They are the pretties, brightest, red leaves I have seen around.  Usually when you get close to the changing leaves they will have brown spots or variations of the color in them, but these leaves are red with no blemishes.  There are more red leaves in the tree as you get closer, but mostly in the interior of the tree.  This guy is going to be so pretty when they all turn. 
This is a little herd of deer that was grazing on a walk we took later in the day.  We thought it was mom and two fawns, but not so sure when I got the pics home and really looked at them.  I see the one fawn with the spots still there, but almost gone and the other two look older, mommy size maybe.  

This guy was on the power lines.  Still thinking a female bluebird?

I am thinking from this distance and angle this could be a Black-Capped Chickadee or the better choice the Carolina Chickadee.  We were sitting outside enjoying a beverage when a little flock of these guys visited us. 


Tufted Titmouse I think.  Love watching birds.
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