Thursday, September 13, 2012

Natchez Trace Wine Trail

We stayed at home today and tried to figure out the next chunk of our lives.  It is an interesting process and sometimes it gets ugly.  LOL  We are hoping that our daughter and grandson can visit while we are in Florida.  They are trying to find the cheapest flights and figure where the cheapest airports are to land etc.  Well, we are finding Fort Lauderdale, Fl. is the cheapest airport to land and David would like to see things in that neck of the state too so we need to locate in that area.  Easier said than done because of all the “snow birders” (that is what they call all of us travelers that get out of the snow in the north at the same time and go to the same place).  The resorts are getting booked up already.  Then we need to plan stuff to do while they are there so that they can see a lot of stuff in a short period of time.  That’s how vacations are. 

We have been winery hopping as I reported before.  We did the last winery of the Natchez Trace Wine Trail and I got my nifty wine glass in commemoration of the deed. 
I love the labels on the wines some of them are really beautiful and some are just plain interesting.
These two are from the Amber Falls Winery and Cellar Hampshire, Tn.  The bottom two are from the Grinders Switch Winery in Centerville, Tn.  The design on the Grinder Switch wine is a railroad crossing symbol the the letters G S W for the name of the winery.  Grinder is the name of a stand (inn) and the switch is used on the railroad to transfer rail cars from one rail to another.
Kegs Springs Winery, Hampshire, Tn. this is the winery with the geo cache near by.
This is from The Winery at Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, Tn.  Back in the day, 200 + years ago they had an international reputation for outstanding Thoroughbred horses.  This guys name is Luke Blackberry.  He has won 22 of 24 races in his best  season and was the longest standing stallion (22 years of service) at the plantation.  
All of their wine labels have horses or the colors (what the jockeys wore) of the plantation.
This is the wine glass you get when you finish the wine trail.  They engraved the name of the trail and then engraved each of the wineries logos.  It is really quite beautiful. 
No, Jerry I did not drink all of the wines that I purchased yet, but I am working on it. LOL

this is good

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  1. They have a booze tour similar to that in Gatlinburg, TN. You go to a brewery, 3 wineries, and a distillery and just sample the alcohol and they give you a free t shirt. We enjoyed the flavored moonshine the best!!