Friday, May 17, 2013

We put the ladder in the car and headed to Maryland to see if we could get our kayaking in.  Success!!!
This is where we launched.  The little black dots with tails are tadpoles.  From the size I was thinking maybe big bullfrogs.  There were thousands of them.  We did not see one turtle in this lake.  
The man has launched me and is getting in now. 
It is a small lake.  It is very popular with kayak and canoes. 
This is a cocoon of some sort.
Here you can see whatever it was crusty parts left behind.  I tried to look it up, but had no luck.  Very interesting stuff.

  Pretty yellow dudes along the bank of the lake.

   You can see a tiny Rog in this pic.  I was trying to show you the surrounding countryside.  Off in the distance somewhere is Camp David.

  Here is the back of him.
   Flowers way far away.
  Pretty dude close up.

  Flowering tree far away.

  Flower close up.

  Very fast chipmunk on a rock.
   He was a quick one.  That is why he is so fuzzy.  Here you can see is back legs and tail as he dives behind a log. 
   Flowering bush far away.

   Close up flowers.

  This is a view of the lower part of the falls.  They had a great walk way for handicapped peeps, but at the end of the trail (raised wooden walkway) we had a view of just the lower part.  This is Cunningham Falls.  It is a 75 ft cascading falls and the tallest falls in Maryland. 
by the falls.

    We also did a little geocaching.  Rog has found one near the falls.  

  It is a small one so we signed it and put it back for the next finder.  

  On the roadway not all the pix are pretty ones.  
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