Friday, May 10, 2013

This is a Titmouse.  He is very shy and I have not been able to get a pic of him at the feeders.  He comes in, gets his seed and off he goes.  He takes his seed up in the tree and breaks it open to get out the goodies.  He has is seed and pecks away at it until it cracks open.  You can see his little head going up and down so fast to get the goodies out.  

Our Canadian geese population is going to be getting bigger soon, that is if the kids will leave the nests alone.  We are coming upon Mother's Day weekend and we are getting a lot of campers in already.  Which means kids. 

You can see this nest between the posts.  I saw her sitting on the nest earlier in the day.
I am pretty sure those are the parents in the water close by.
Here is the little family I took a pic of yesterday.  So cute.  Dad or Mom, hard to tell with this bird has his head down hissing at some other geese that were much too close to the little fuzzy trio.  These are morning pix.
We travel by this home when ever we go into town.  I love the old homes they have here.  The highest windows are so interesting to me. 
This is the front of the house, cute.  They are right on the street.  Not sure if this is by design back then or the road took the front yards.  The road is not all that wide though?
We found another family today.  They are a group of five and maybe a couple of days older than the others.
Afternoon pix.
Heading up a small embankment, a mountain for the little ones.  The other parent is a little ways behind with the slow one.  

The family of five is in the foreground and the family of three is on the other side of the electrical post.  
It was very interesting because the two little families seemed to be traveling together.  I did not think they did that, but they are traveling in pretty big flocks across country, so why not.  I had my telephoto lens so could not get the whole group in the frame at once.   

This is the family of three.  

We are getting a soaking to night.  My favorite, T-storms!!  Should be through the night and into the morning and cooler temps 60's are on the way. 
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