Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I headed into town today to see the doctor.  Nothing wrong I am just wanting to get my meds for more than one month at a time.  The urgent care worked great, but they only can give me a 30 day supply and when we go to Canada for 49 days that just does not add up.  So off I go.  It was a great experience and wished I could have found someone like this clinic in Florida.  I need to go back tomorrow for blood work.  

On the way home we experienced a whooper of a T-storm with lightening, heavy rain, and hail.  We got home and the storm had already been here so all the noise and wet was done.  I am a very happy camper. 
The bird feeder story.
  This is how the bird feeder is supposed to be used.  Upright and with a bird on it.  Well "Pennsylvanian Steve" has decided that he wants to join in the feeding craze.  This is really not good because he takes all the seed and he is also very messy about it too. And from past experiences if things don't go his way he will destroy it.   So I decided that I would try and see if I could fix the problem or at least make it really hard for him.  Well Rog helped me and we thought if we made a hood on the feeder that would do the trick.  

Not so much.  When I got up the food was all gone and he was trying to get in the other feeder.  I tried to get pix, but I was not fast enough.  Maybe later.
I am working on a wood working project.  This is the unfinished tray.  I have decided to design a patchwork quit pattern on the trays.  I have decided to make them look "old" so I will paint, then do an "old dirty" brown wash over the top of it all.
  I am marking the different areas to be painted.

 Here I am diluting the paints.  I am wanting to do a wash rather than painting the areas.  Doing a light paint wash instead of painting the areas will let the grain of the wood show through.

The paints are diluted in this tray.


Painting the areas that I marked before

All painted

 Wood burned the patterns for each patch of the quilt.

 Now I am burning in the out line and "stitch marks" .

 You can see the lines between the colors and the X mark for the stitches.  
 All done on the outside of the trays.  I painted the inside a blue white and went over the entire tray with a dark brown glaze wash to make it all uniform and to look like an antique.
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