Wednesday, May 29, 2013

These are my new Mickey Mouse hands.  No really they are drying gloves.  I got these yesterday at the kitchen store in the mall. 

I thought they would be the perfect things for drying dishes.
They really work good on the cutting board.
plates.  They really fit to the plate and dry it perfectly.
cups I am drying the inside and out at the same time and I can get into all those hard to get places.

Take your fist and dry it all up,

cups and now I am done.  I used them for the first time and just love them.  I do not know if they dry so much better because I can get to those hard to get places or the material they are made of or all of the above.  I love my drying Mickey Mouse hands.  Rog even put them on to just see how it works.  He's that way and then never again.  He thinks.  Les you need to get a pair and we can go on the road.

It was a hot one today after the fog burned off.  

Rog decided to change out the house batteries today.  That was quite a job.  Yes I had to get involved too.  Rog needed me to rest on the ground and help insert the rods from underneath that hold the batteries in place.  Remember we have been having rains and the ground is soaked and there are little puddles everywhere.  He did get be a mat to rest on, but it was also rained soaked, so not so much dry there.  And I wind up resting my head in a puddle of water, dirt and rust.  Talk about coloring your hair.  He wanted to clean up the place for the batteries and all.  So he washed with baking soda, then soap and water, then spray painted the area.  After it dried (?) he started putting it all back together and only had a few extra parts left over.  LOL No there were no extra parts.  He and I sanded the connectors and put some pretty pink Vaseline on them so they would not yuck up as fast.  I am so glad we only have to do this every four years or so.  

I also sanded the wood working stuff I did before.  I will paint them again with clear coat.  That should do it for them. 
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