Sunday, May 19, 2013

There was a group doing a reenactments of the Civil War and the battle of Gettysburg.  they were from the 22nd North Carolina Regiment.  They charge against Pickett and none of the men survived. 

  Some of the ladies showing you the fashions of the day.
Interesting guy was very talkative and interesting

These were the colors of the Confederates, gray or butternut.

This is a display of camp stuff.

The weather has been gray all day and just started raining at 10ish tonight.  We have been told that we will have a week of this.  This is why it is so lush and green around this part of the country.

We have been treated to the most wonderful aroma as we sit outside.  It is ode-da-la-berrybush and is it wonderful!  We have also been treated to a symphony of sights and sounds with the many different kinds of wonderful birds.  From the red and blue to the yellow and gray and even the ugly brown ones.  I have been feeding them too.

The weekenders were here with their campfire smoke streaming through the rv, kids and dogs running a muckThese guys have 3 and 4 big dogs for each camp and their rvs are small.  I guess the dogs run free while they are at their homes so camping is stressful for them and all of us hear about it all weekend.  They are gone now and it is nice and quite.  I am sounding older aren't I.  LOL

We are on the road tomorrow.  We will be going about 70 miles.  Then we will plant ourselves for a couple of weeks to rest up for the next trip.  LOL     

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