Saturday, May 11, 2013

I was finally there when "Pennsylvania Steve" raided the bird feeder.
He is so smart.  He can not fit so he goes down to the feeder and tips it so the seed falls to the ground then he jumps from there to the ground and...
...and lunches away.
He is so cute so enjoy
There were also the usual suspects. 
He was just singing his heart out.
Mrs Cardinal
And Mr.
There were also two new birds at the feeder.  This is a White Breasted Nuthatch
Rose Breasted Grosbeck
When he came he hung around for awhile so I could get a lot of pix.
You can see the shelled sunflower seed in his beck.  

We had rain here all day off and on.  It was a light soak.  The birds did not let that bother them one bit.  Had another easy day at the resort.  I finished painting the boxes that I wood burned awhile back and now I just need to put the clear finish on them and they will be all done,  

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