Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sorry about missing yesterdays blog.  They had a campfire here at the resort late into the night with somors, hot dogs, and hot chocolate.  It was quite cold and I just wanted to get into bed with my electric mattress pad and warm up. 

We are staying in because of the weekend and all so not much to write about.  We went to the lodge and had dinner.  Not all that great.  Rog even said we could have done so much better!! 

The baby geese are still here.  We walked to the lodge for dinner and saw the group with 8 babies in the lake.   I worry about them and all the kids, not so much the young ones as the teenagers.  They just seem to love to make other little things hurt.  So I just stay away from the lake so I do not have to witness any abuse.  I would have to say something and past experience tells me it does not do any good and they get the fun of telling off an "old"person too. 

It is much warmer out tonight and tomorrow it is going to be the 70's with a little winds.  We will set up the bird feeders and all tomorrow.  The wind at times was really play havoc with the feeders and trying to keep the seed in it for the birds to get.


Yea right.

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