Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another hot day, knitting


I like to knit, sew, counted cross stitch,  well just about any kind of craft thing. When we lived in a house I had almost unlimited storage and room to work in. But when we decided to roam the world in an RV my room became limited, very limited. I had to rethink things.  Well I started out with the sewing machine and the idea of making quilts, but all that material needed to be stored and I would need a large area to spread out and sew.  Then I would also need storage for the completed works.  So I decided sewing and quilting was out.  

So I naturally turned to knitting, my next love.  Little needles, little balls of yarn, and little projects.  Just the thing for little spaces in RV's.  I still have a large amount of little spaces used up with balls of yarn, but it works.  Next I had to decide what to do with the completed projects and what they would be. After all you can only keep so many things yourself .  After some thoughts and talking with my daughter, who also knits,  I have decided on the projects picture below plus knitted dish clothes and an occasional sweater, again no space to store.  These projects were picked because they are small and I might be able to sell them at the craft sells that the RV parks put on where we stay.


Below you will find some of the knitting I have been doing.  The first pics are of Christmas ornaments that I make.  They are a lot of fun to make .  I like them because you can use the really fun, fancy yarns that cost a lot of money per ball.  You do not have to spend a huge amount of money and still have a very nice project.  They are also a small project that is easy to transport from place to place while knitting and after the project is done small to store. 


The next projects are hats.  My daughter is so much better at this then I am.

This particular project I do for the men and women in the military.  It gets very cold in the winter in Afghanistan.  They use them under their helmets.  They do get them issued by the government, but these are much softer.  

I also knit socks.  I loved using this particular yarn.  The design in the sock is in the yarn itself as you knit. The yarn is striped with the different colors.   It is amazing to me how the pattern comes out in the completed sock.  

The blanket in the right hand corner is one of the wheelchair lap robes I mentioned in another blog.  I make these as Rog is driving.  It is easy and the pattern does not take a lot of thinking to do.  Then when I am done I stop at a nursing home for the elderly and give it to someone.  My goal is to leave one in every state we go in. I do them in memory of our parents who also traveled the roads of America in RV's.

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