Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Laura goes home/North Carolina Capitlal Building

We got up and out just in time to greet the sun.  It is time for Laura to go back home.  We had a wonderful visit and went many places and did some girl things.
We pushed her out the car door and slammed it shut and waved good-bye.  LOL She is entering the doors of the Raleigh-Durham airport for her fight home.  She was way early for her flight, but she wanted to make sure she was there in plenty of time.  The drive from the rv park to the airport was around 100 miles and it was rush hour traffic.  No traffic which was great, but got us there early.
We headed to downtown Raleigh to see the capital building.  This the the natural science building with the big globe out front.  I saw this building on a tv news cast just recently.  It is very impressive.
This is a statue in front of the capital building.
The next three pics are of the capital building.  They say it is a great example of Greek revival.
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