Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 Last year on the 4th of July we were in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada.  We were on the most wonderful trip we have ever taken.  We were on our way to Alaska.  Dawson City was so wonderful.   They are restoring the town back to all it's glory.  When we went to visitors center the Canadians had a cake with Happy Birthday America in red, white, and blue.  They were serving to all.  We thought that was the greatest.  If you have not been to Alaska GO it is amazing!!!!!!!

Last night we had a very big thunder storm.  So Merry, Maggie and I were under the bed.  Let me explain.  Maggie and Merry, our dogs, were very upset because of all the noise and were hiding under the bed The only reason I was there was to calm and comfort the dogs only.  I was also wearing my silencers so the noise was not a problem for me.  The lightening strikes were many and very close.  When Rog went to the computer and looked up the satellite maps of the weather for our area it was very red, meaning severe, and then you could hardly see the red because of the little white lightening bolt symbols for how many strikes in this area. They say we can expect more tonight, yippee

We were going out to explore Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.  He designed and built this estate.  Thomas Jefferson was important in our history because he drafted the Declaration of Independence among other important things.  We did not go because of problems in the park.

Problems in the park.  We were closing up the back half of the RV because we can only run one air conditioner.   We needed the air conditioners on for the dogs because it is still HOT here  While we were setting out side in the cool of the morning planning our trip when a park employee came by and told us they were experiencing problems.  The power had gone off for a short time again and they were trying to fix the sewer system.  Apparently it is powered by electricity like the water system here.  Long story short we decided to stay home.

We decided we had better look into planning the next part of our trip.  The next have to destination is Branson, Missouri.  We are going to an eleven day rally with Adventure Caravans.  For those of you who do not know Branson it is "family friendly Los Vegas".  The place is theater after theater of shows that you can bring the whole family to.  We shall see.  We are going to, or have them brought to us, at least three shows a day.  Party Party.   Well we have to get there from here.  So out comes the computer, maps, calender, and campground books.  It takes hours of planning for a 800 + mile trip.  We want to travel to certain places in between so we can visit important and interesting places, like the capital of the state or a special park.  Then you decide the route and now you have to plan the overnight or more stop overs.  It is fun, but sometimes when you both can not agree or are just plain tired of it all, things can get a bit tedious.  Good news, we are planned out to Oct. 14th.  

Fireworks are really beautiful.  I can remember in California where Rog's parents had a cabin in the desert we would go on the roof patio on the 4th of July and watch the light show with the whole family.  It was a lot of fun oohing and awing during each and every explosion.

 The learning begins

It is generally recognized that fireworks originated in China during the Sung dynasty (960-1279). A cook in ancient China discovered that a mixture of sulphur, saltpetre, and charcoal was highly flammable and would explode if confined in a small space. This discovery was first used for entertainment. The technique was soon adapted to weaponry and used to shoot rocket-powered arrows. In the 7th century the knowledge spread west via Arabia, reaching Europe in the 13th century where pyrotechnics developed with the invention of the gun in the 14th century. It was not until the 19th century that fireworks became as vividly colorful as we know them today. Brilliant colors are achieved by combining potassium chlorate and various metallic salts. These salts produce a variety of colors: strontium burns red; copper makes blue; barium glows green; and sodium produces yellow. Magnesium, aluminium and titanium give off white sparkles or a flash. Every firework show is a fantastic display of physics. The protectionist has to take into account the relationships between vectors, velocities, projectiles and their trajectories together with the explosion forces behind burst patterns.

We now enjoy displays at special events,  4th of July celebrations, and every night at Disneyland and World.  We know they explode every night at Disney World because our Thousand Trails RV Park is very close to the park and we can see and hear the explosions every night at a certain time.  

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