Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prince Charming / new location

Out from under our rig appears this frog. Could it be a prince!  If only someone would give him a kiss. LOL  I know it is not my prince charming because I have mine already.  So I left him to be found by another young lady. 

The last things we pack up when leaving a place are the blocks we place under the jacks and the utility lines; electric, water, and sewer.  Well we must have disturbed this guy from his home because he came out from under the rig.   I do not know if he is the kind of frog that sings most of the night here. 
 We had only 77 miles to travel today.  What a really easy ride.  We started out getting propane for the rig and also filled our little propane tanks for the Bar-be-que.  We had to wait around for the propane guy to show up even though we made an appointment ahead of time.  Even with this delay we were able to get into the resort around lunch times. 

 This is our new site.  We have never been to this resort before.  It is a Coast to Coast Resort.  That is another type of plan that we can use with little expense.  We use them when we do not have a Thousand Trails Resort close by.   We can only stay here a week. 
 Each site has its own raised wooden deck  with benches and a picnic table.  I will get better pics to show the benches in the next blog.  We also put our lights up and they are not in this pic. 

We will see if we can get pics of the resort and put them up later. 

Tomorrow we are meeting the cousins in Blowing Rock for lunch.  I am looking forward to that visit. 

It was great to see Les and Michelle again.  Les took me out to get my winning lottery tickets.  So there maybe a delay in the blog while I am out celebrating and spending some of my winnings. 

As you can see we do get internet here "so the blog goes on".
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