Thursday, July 19, 2012

NASCAR Hall of Fame Part 2

The hall of fame is a 4 story building full of fun neat things.  We are on the second floor having a nice lunch,  It is set up so you think you are sitting in the infield looking out at a race.
After lunch we walked up to the race track.
They have areas where you can walk on to the race track. 
This area is at 30 degree slant.  It is pretty hard to stand on the track, but the cars are flying around the track on them.
When you come in you are given  a hard card, basically a credit card with a chip in it to store the information you acquire during the NASCAR experience.   We give info about ourselves and also pick a driver to be our guide throughout the day. You place your hard card into displays along the way.  You are given information about racing and then asked questions at the end.  It was really a neat way to learn about NASCAR
We are in the shop looking at parts.  Rog is scanning a bar code on the part then it comes up on a screen and tells all about it.  This is how the race teams keep track of part etc.
The evolution of getting the race car to the track.  Started with driving it there all the way to the big rigs of today. 
We then toured the inside of a hauler
We  did qualifying on these simulators
Rog and I are trying our hand at it.
They have you experience all the things NASCAR.  Here we sit down and listen to DW broadcast a race and then we watch the race and give our commentary to the race. 
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