Thursday, July 19, 2012

NASCAR Hall fo Fame Part 1

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a huge building.  I could only get pieces parts in the camera frame at a time.  Roger, Laura and I spent the day inside having a very fun day.
They had many fun hands on activities to do.  One of these was a timed pit crew experience.  Laura and Rog were the pit crews. 
Laura is at her car and they are waiting for the clock to time down to start.
The first thing they do is  jack up the car.  Then they use an impact wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the tire, pulled it out, place the tire back on, and tighten the lug nuts up.  This is to simulate changing a tire. Then lifted the gas can up and place into the car.  The seal had to be tight, there were lights that signaled when this was acommplished.  You must count to six and take the can out and place it in the holder.  Last step was to go back to the jack twist the handle to release and lowered,
Rog with lug nuts
Laura was the winner, something about being younger or something like that.
After a day of learning about the drivers, the cars, racing, and all we were able to drive them in a simulator.  Rog is in #99
Laura and I are in #29 and #48.  We got into our cars and had our own spotters letting us know what was going on, not that it helped me.
I am in my car looking out.  Race results: Me 5th place, Rog 6th place and Laura 9th place
Simulator from above.
Laura with the MM buddies
Moonshine running dragster.  These are the cars that started it all this,

This is a two part blog.  We had so much fun.
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