Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Co steve

You people in Colorado take care of Steve.

We stayed home today and did well, nothing much.

I made soup.  I am loving homemade soup now.

We went to the pool and hung out for a while.

We got new neighborsI know that happens all the time.  They set up and then took off to take care of stuff I guess.  While Rog was out fixing his chair he noticed water coming out all over  the RV.  So he headed over and turned off the water.  When they came home Rog went over and asked if they needed help.  He took over our wet and vac to help them out.  When they got done with the wet and vac and brought it back with a thank you and a thank you card.  When we got home I opened the card up and there was $50.  NoI took it back and told them Rog did not do this for the money and we are all here to look out for each other.  Come on all he did was walk over and turn the water off.  I told them to pass it forward is all we wanted.   


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