Wednesday, February 6, 2013



So start making the best of everything now.
1 Day Until Tom is Home!!!
That means tomorrow at 6:23 PM he will be home with his family!!!!

I forgot to post the pix of our new location.  I am all decorated for Valentines Day.  I really should get another heart, there are two of us.

It is a big spot with the woods behind us.  I am so glad there are no trees over head.  The last resort we were under an acorn tree with Steve the squirrel busy harvesting them on our roof and boy was that noisy.  The poor dogs were trying to hide from the noise and there was no place to go inside the RV to get away.  Maggie was ready to walk back to Orlando and wait for us to get here.  I was ready to go with her too.

We decided to get out this morning and head for the lake to kayak.  We noticed right away that the water level was down a lot.  We  launched out and had a great time.  It is a small lake, but full of wild life.  
Rog has already sent me out on the lake and he is pushing off for a fun day of kayaking.
He has the right idea of floating along whenever you can.  We talked about how it was great to go into the Gulf of Mexico so you can say you kayaked it, but this lake is so much easier kayaking than fighting the current and incoming tide on the Gulf.
Ship wreck?  No we think abandoned.
A type of water bird digesting a fish.
These are turkey vultures having fun floating on the air currents
Rog is on the move.
Another water bird, maybe a wood stork, because of the wing markings.

These are Sand Hill Cranes heading for the RV resort.  They have a couple of sets that are here a lot.  I can tell these guys because of their call.
This is an Egret.  The next pix are of him taking off.  It is a beautiful sight to see, so enjoy.
This was the only water lily blooming today on the lake.  There were buds.  I am thinking they need more sun to coax them open.   It is a very over cast day with a chance of rain maybe.  We think that rain is going to be up north.
A lone bee in the lone flower.

I like to keep Rog between the bank of the lake and me in case we spot an alligator.  LOL
looking across the lake sitting in the water lilies.  It was so quite and peaceful.  I like the sound the water lilies make on the bottom of the kayak as I glide over the tops of them. 
This is the only alligator we saw today.

  I did not get closer because Rog was aways away and I did not want to scare the alligator before Rog got to see it.  It is quite close to me, well close enough anyway.

"Get up there closer so I can get a pic with you and that alligator."  He's fine you guys!!!  
 I am off to Bingo tonight.  Will post when I get home what happened.  I wanted to get this written because I might be late.  Nope donated tonight, but had a lot of fun.

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