Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tom is Home!!!/don't worry/car fixed

 0 Days Until Tom is Home!!!
He landed in Seattle had a 5 hour lay over and boarded his plane for home at 2:40 and is in the air now.  Soon it will be over and he will be home!!  That is such a good thing to say: Tom is Home!!

We stayed home and get this I took a well desired nap!  I didn't do anything to day, but this was for the other days that I needed a nap and could not take one.  LOL

We did get the Birthday shopping done for the year.  I wrapped them and we packed them up and sent them on there way.  I have hired Sam to disturb them at the appropriate dates.  I think she like thes power this has and she can be a "Santa" if you will.  It is hard buying gifts for the grandkids when we are so far away and not visiting with them a lot to find out what is "cool" if that's even the word we use now days.  

We also fixed the car.      

  I wrote before about the strut breaking.  This is the one strut that is good, we thought, and the other side Rog took out. We decided since one went the other was just waiting to go.  So we needed to replace both struts.  He went to the auto parts stores and found one that could order only one.  It came in today, we got it and fixed the car.

I thought I would put a little drama in the blog.  The tail gate was very heavy.  But Rog got it up and then I could hold it until he repaired it.  Come to find out the one that was there when we began was the worn out one so we had to replace that one with the one good one we had left.

All I have to say is get the pic taken and get this job done this thing is HEAVY!!!!  We are getting some rain tonight.  It is warm and raining, oh goody. 

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