Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just another glorious day

there you go that works.

Went out this morning on a walk.  It was short because my meds had not kicked in yet.  After I get up and out by mid day I can handle things better.  I guess a morning walk should be postponed until mid day, but then it is too hot.  So evening then?   Anyway we were talking with a couple that were just coming in.  The site they got was really pretty so I mentioned that to them.   He said they had the choice of that site and 3 others.  Wow they are filling up. 

Last night was Red Box movie night, Saturday there is really nothing to watch on TV.  No the movies weren't that good for me to miss the blog either.  Well Rog took the movies back at noon and when coming back into the resort he noticed 10 rigs waiting to be assigned sites.  And he also noticed rigs leaving.  They had a new sign when we came in this time that said you would be fined $37.24 if you were not out my 11:00, which is our check out time.  My guess is that this is the cost of an extra day.  If they only threaten this means nothing.  If they want it to mean something they will have to follow through.

We watched some of the Pebble Beach Golf on TV and see the beautiful shot of the coast line and all made us both long for the West.  
  I thought there was going to be a great sun set, but the clouds moved out as I was watching and it was just so so.

A long neck indeedy

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