Friday, February 1, 2013

only happen once

Most things happen only once.

6 Days Until Tom Comes Home!!!!
Less Than a Week Now!!!

 I got my hair cut and did some shopping today.

Our friends invited us over to their house for dinner tonight.  Michelle cook a great meal, chicken and noodles.  We then played a couple of games of dominoes and had a great time.

Got home and was getting ready to do the blog and we got a surprise Skype from Tom.  He is really ready to come home.   Said this is his last Saturday in Japan.  When he lands in Seattle this will be his 9th time in his two years away.  When he leaves Japan on the 7th at 5:20 PM he will arrive in Phoenix on the 7th at 6:25 PM with a 2 hour lay over in Seattle.  He almost gets to Phoenix before he leaves Japan.  LOL  That is quite a time difference.

It is late so will sign off now. 



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