Friday, February 8, 2013

refrig light/mail delays/math

Just saying!!

We were told there would be delays in mail delivery because of the weather. Yes, I can understand that, but also because of, get this, Marti Gras.  There are going to be road closers from the 9th through the 11th because of the parades and parties.  This would affect mail delivery to  Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi and some others too. 

Rog did some readjusting the passenger side slide out.  We think it is good now.  

We went up for a spaghetti dinner.  It was good as usual.  They are going to have a Western Band play later tonight.  We will be going up to listen.  We heard some of the practice at dinner and sounded great.

So glad we are not up North with this weather.   

  This is a true story:  Our daughter teaches math in 7th grade.  She had a parent teacher meeting with a mom about her son's math grades.  Laura was trying to explain what she thought the was the problem.  When the mom heard Laura was talking about algebra she said,  "Algebra is not needed in life so my son does not need to learn it."
So whenever, which is a lot of the class time in 7th grade, Laura teaches algebra this student states out loud;  "My mom says I do not need to learn this." and he doesn't even listen, or try to do the problems, does not do the homework. He refuses to do anything  that has to do with algebra.   What can a teacher do now?  Mom said! so that is that.

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