Monday, February 11, 2013

That's one way of looking at it.

We stayed close to the resort and did resort things today.

We got our mail today.  For those of you who do not know we are full time RVers.  In order to have our mail taken care of we have a mail box service.  Our mail is sent there and they take care of it until we go on line and order it to go where ever we are.  They will send it how ever we want, airmail, 3 day or the slow boat to wherever.  We have ever done the slow boat one. 

 Well the mail came.  We got some important camping news and some family letters, yes we do still have those that have not gotten into the email times and have to use snail mail.  It was great hearings from them and all their exciting news.  

Rog's parents and aunt and uncle RVed most of their lives.  Rog's parent settled down in one place after health issues took over.  But Rog's aunt and uncle are still going strong.  Their kids had a family meeting and wished they would get rid of the RV and not travel the roads any more.  His uncle is 88 and I am not sure, but I think his aunt is older.  Well they traded their RV in for the train and buses.  They are still traveling all over the country.  They were at the National Parks Convention of the National Parks Travel Club.  They had Smokey the Bear bring in a large serving cart with a huge cake and sang Happy Birthday to celebrated his 88th birthday.  Ray said it was the biggest birthday cake he has ever had.  It served 150.    He was also honored there with a plaque for having visited  390 (I understand there are 394 in all) sites administered by the National Parks System.  Way to go Ray!!! 

We also recieved our 1099's or whatever they are called now.  So Rog is working on just how much we owe the government in taxes.  It would not frost me so much to pay if they were spending it frugally.  This is a wonderful country and I gladly give even twice as much as I pay, but take care of things people as if it is your money.  Well enough said they do think it is their money to spend for the good of them not for the good of the nation.  

I also found a cross stitch table cloth I have had for years.  It is oh a quarter done so I thought I would try working on it.  I use to do that kind of stuff all the time.  It definitely uses different muscles in my hands than knitting does.  


This is for my math teacher daughter.  LOL

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